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Style: English IPA
Style Information
The modern English IPA has a medium hop bitterness, with medium alcohol content. The bitterness level is notably less than the American IPA. The color should be pale gold to dark copper. The aroma should have a decently strong hop profile, with a flowery essence and many hop varieties possibly used to create an herbal hop character. The taste should be highlighted by the hops with medium levels of malt sweetness. The feel should be crisp and dry. ABV should range from 5% to 7%. IBUs should be mid-range from 35 to 63.

From Wikipedia:

"IPA descends from the earliest pale ales of the 17th century, when the term "pale ale" probably simply distinguished ales which were light in colour compared with brown ales of that day. By the mid-18th century, pale ale was mostly manufactured with coke-fired malt, which produced less smoking and roasting of barley in the malting process, and hence produced a paler beer. One such variety of beer was October beer, a pale well-hopped brew popular among the landed classes, who brewed it domestically; once brewed it was intended to cellar two years.

The October beer of George Hodgson's Bow Brewery was the world's first India Pale Ale. Bow Brewery beers became popular among East India Company traders in the late 18th century because of the brewery's location and Hodgson's liberal credit line of 18 months. East Indiamen transported a number of Hodgson's beers to India, among them his October beer, which benefited exceptionally from conditions of the voyage and was apparently highly regarded among consumers in India..."

Recommend glassware for this style
Mug Typically very heavy and sturdy. A mug (or stein) is most commonly made of glass or stoneware. Traditionally German, one advantage is clinking glasses together without worrying about breaking th... [more]
Pint Glass Pint glasses are what most people recognize as a typical beer glass. There are actually three different types of pint glasses - shaker pints, nonic pints and tulip pints.

The shaker ... [more]
Snifter Typically used for serving brandy and cognac, a snifter is ideal for capturing the volatiles of aromatic beers, such as Belgian ales, India Pale Ales, barleywines and wheat wines. The shape helps... [more]
Tulip A tulip glass not only helps trap the aroma, but also aids in maintaining large
heads, creating a visual and olfactory sensation. The body is bulbous, but the top
flares out to form... [more]

Top Consumed English IPA
1. 1800 Old English IPA by Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery31
2. 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA by Stone Brewing Company19
3. East India Pale Ale by Brooklyn Brewery18
4. Rebel IPA by Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)17
5. Meat Wave by Half Acre Beer Company17
6. Blackheart by Three Floyds Brewing LLC11
7. Lost Sailor India Pale Ale by Berkshire Brewing Company Inc.11
8. ImPaled Ale by Middle Ages Brewing Co., Ltd.10
9. Drake's IPA by Drake's Brewing Co.9
10. India Pale Ale by Summit Brewing Company9

Top Reviews English IPA
 BeerAvg Score
1. India Pale Ale by Meantime Brewing Company Limited89
2. 1800 Old English IPA by Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery88
3. Thulza Doom by Three Floyds Brewing LLC84
4. Empire India Pale Ale by Burton Bridge Brewery84
5. Black Toque by Phillips Brewing Company82
6. Drake's IPA by Drake's Brewing Co.81
7. East India Pale Ale by Brooklyn Brewery80
8. Devil's Elbow IPA by Howe Sound Brewing80
9. Crown Jewels India Pale Ale by Dragonmead Microbrewery80
10. Export India Pale Ale by Schlafly Beer80