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Review by joe1510 on 05/13/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
56 2 7 11 3 5 2010
22oz Bomber
Wine Warehouse, Charlottesville

Victory's Baltic Thunder pours the darkest of browns with a hint of garnet showing through thinly along the sides of the glass. When backlit this beer lightens considerably with bright mahogany highlights throughout. The beige head grew to two fingers on the pour and quickly fell to a skim coat, a few seconds later there was nothing but a couple tiny islands of foam here and there with a small ring around the glass. The lack of head is a disappointment on this beer.

The aroma doesn't quite live up to that of a Baltic Porter. There's a subtle roastiness, as a matter of fact the entire aroma of this beer is subtle instead of the big robust aroma I like to find in the style. Mild dark fruits like plum and blackberry show up ghost-like but don't make much of a stand. Floral hops are noticeable, although mild, and bring some of that tea leaf like quality to the aroma.

The flavor follows the aroma pretty closely although there is a little more complexity involved. Roasty malts bring about a somewhat watery coffee bitterness as quick flashes of dark chocolate and barely noticeable dark berries. There's fusel alcohol that warms the throat and the nose after each sip. The flavors are a little on the weak side while the alcohol is a little on the big side.

The mouthfeel isn't bad but isn't where it should be. There's not enough chewiness or density to the body to fit the style of beer. The carbonation feels lazy while the body feels much too light.

This bomber goes down easy enough but that's plenty for me in a sitting. The alcohol is a little too noticeable for the subtle flavors, subtle for a Baltic Porter.

I have been looking forward to this beer since it's been released. I've had my eye on the Heavyweight version since I've joined this site and was expecting a lot out of this beer. I have to say I was let down. Baltic Thunder doesn't live up to Victory standards or the standards of the few Heavyweights I've sampled.

Reviewed: 10/26/08

Price: $5.49 Served In: Snifter