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Review by James Kitchens on 12/01/07  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
94 3 12 18 4 10 2008
Alrightythen. Coming off my Westy 8 & 12 mis-adventure, I needed something to restore my faith in the Beer Gods. Not that those are :drainpour: beers (furley). But they did not live up to the billing for me.

So I need a fallback. And Dreadnaught it is. The floral, hoppy, pine sap, resin, whatever smell of this one is so inviting. I almost want to just stare at the pint glass (yes, pint glass). It is nearly a work of modern art.

This one is darker than a lot of examples of this style. Just a little. Dark and mysterious. I hear that's how Gator likes his boyfriends. He'd like this one.

The smell reminds me why I love this hobby. And why I thank Bacchus every day that Munster, IN is where Nick Floyd & Co decided to settle. Everything is right in the world again when I smell this beer. Even the smell is thick with potential.

The first drink of a Dreadnaught is always special. No matter how many times you have it. No matter whether it is bottle or draft. The anticipation starts with looking at the bottle then the pour then the first smell then the first drink. At that point, you get that first little tingle.

"Oh yeah, baby." A little sharp on the tongue. A LOT of hops on the tongue. And just enough pine and floral taste to say "Hi". And did I mention that they put hops in this brew? Not as well rounded as some examples of the style. But all the good things involved in the style. I personally consider GI Imperial to be a more "rounded" DIPA. But when I want to grab a bottle of all that is good and holy about the DIPA style, we all know I grab a Dreadnaught. And no wonder. Good grief, this is decadent.

For those of you who care about mouthfeel and don't already know the feel of this beer..... Well, it's got a little bit of "stick" to it. And that's a double meaning there. It has both the feel of resin left in your mouth and the lingering feel that makes you just want to slug it down. "It's not normal" indeed.

One of these days, I promise you.......I will go to the Map Room (probably with Urbanhack) and have nothing but this on draft. Some day. Whenever those guys get it back on draft. Which they haven't had on my last 3-4 trips recently.

Price: $9.00 Served In: Pint Glass