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Review by culdeus on 01/06/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 11 17 4 8 0
This is one of the holy trinity of beers around here. I've had two of these courtesy of Nuke now and I feel like I'm qualified to make some sort of review.

It's fairly obvious what 3F is trying to do. They wanted to create a style all their own apart from west coast IPAs that dominated the market for the preceding decade. They did this (almost for sure) by omitting the ubiquitous cascade hop in favor of "east coast" Warrior and Simcoe. Though this is not published it's almost a certainty.

Warrior of course the hop that is synonymous with the 3 DFH IPAs and Simcoe a strong citrus hop that's much more bitter than cascade and supposedly lends itself to aging better. Simcoe is also a central DFH hop, but not in the quantities you find here.

I'm not totally sure the order of introduction of the DFH and Dreadnaught, but certainly they are cousins of eachother. DFH higher in Warrior and perhaps yet a third hop addition and this very, very high in simcoe.

The aroma clearly comes from the warrior and the bittering comes from the simcoe. I think this leads somewhat to a lack of balance though the two work together so well I can see why they might take this strategy.

In the end I think it serves as a solid IIPA. Worthy of being put in the pantheon of IIPAs. Others I've had in this class are Avery Majaraja and DFH 120. Each are solid in their own way and it's tough to rank them.

Served In: Pint Glass