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Review by Tip Top on 01/01/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
98 3 12 19 5 10 0
Many thanks to Westsidethreat for this prized bottle. :bow:

A - This one sure doesn't look like too many beers I have had. Sort of like a muddied up grape juice. It's more brown than purple, but there is definitely a reddish-purple twinge to it. Non existant head, which should be a big surprise at 12% and barrel aged.

S - When I popped the cork on this one and set it on the desk, I could smell the sour cherries without any effort. Alcohol phenols. Grape juice, bordering on wine odors. Oak. The real thing here is the cherries, oh the sour cherries. It's making my mouth water. I better get to trying it.

T - My oh my. I'll do my best here. This doesn't start quietly, but brings you straight into the sour cherries odor that is omni present. But there is so much more here. Big buttery yogurt flavors. Obviously there is brett in action here. The wood comes in with some oakiness. Blends seamlessly into tons of rich dark fruit flavors featuring raisins, cherries, and dates. This melds with some molasses and light dark chocolate flavors. Finish is more sourness, with some cherry and peach yogurt flavors. Wow.

M - Full bodied and smooth as silk. Slips right over the tongue and down the throat.

D - Well, this is no doubt my favorite Lost Abbey brew that I have had. Blends so many flavors together so seamlessly. Why oh why does this one have to be difficult to get?

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