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Review by Lum on 11/04/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 3 11 17 4 9 0
Props go out to cvstrickland and cheegan 04, both whom were so kind as to send me a bottle of this.

Pours from the bottle a slightly hazy, syrupy almost copper color. A thin off-white "head" makes it's appearance, and quickly slips away. upon closer inspection, slow streamers of bubbles scattered about the goblet slowly make their rise, leaving no trace on the surface. Lacing is non-existent.
Almost perfect for a wheatwine.

Aroma has a heavy handed wheat action going for it, with equal amounts of fruity Belgian yeasts. Cantaloupe and juicy tangerine come to mind, along with a backhanding of over-ripe bannana. A strong sweetness here also - has to be the "obscene amounts of Tupelo and Sourwood honeys" used in the brewing process - a very nice touch, and again balances well. Caramel malts for backbone, and a strong alcoholic sensation hits the nostrils like a freight train.
This is my kind of beer.

First on the tongue is that wheat twang, almost intrusively - most definitely taking the lead right out of the gates. next is the sweetness from the honeys - very mead-like in taste. The yeasts used throw their flavors next... pitches of soft, brown banana along with overipened pear coat the tongue with their syrupy sweetness. A small amount of bitterness towards the middle that slips away into more malty sweetness towards and through the finish - which within it's self a boozy monster... as it should be. A couple metric tons of sweetness and booze happening here, but nicely balanced and working together quite well.

Medium and listing towards full in body. Smooth, syrupy/sticky and plush mouthfeel - some dryness in the finish. Carbonation is subtle, and damn near perfect for the style. Very boozy feel overall - again, mostly in the finish.

I love this - well, I love all Wheatwines, but this is a true treat. I love the twist Tearrapin put into this offering with the use of local honeys and Belgian yeasts... and they did a spectacular job pulling it all together!
Be forewarned - this style is not for everyone... but if you like big, flavorful boozy barleywines - you may just like this. Not exactly true to style with the creative twists and all, but the basics are there, and in a masterful way.
Kudos to Terrapin for this one!
Highly Recommended.

Served In: Snifter