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Review by everetends on 12/20/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 11 15 4 8 2009
12 oz bottle that I picked up in a sixer at Hop City yesterday. Been looking forward to this one for a while. Served up in a Terrapin pint glass.

A: Probably one of the best looking offerings from Terrapin in my opinion. Pours a nice amber in color initially. Held to the light, has a bit more of a yellow hue to it. Pretty clear with a pretty steady carbonation activity to it. The show stopper is the lace of the amount of head I got. Got almost a finger of head but this is throwing up some serious lace on the glass. Just sticky notches all over the glass. Looks like an amazing IPA.

S: Smell is nice. Has a very fruity hop aroma to it. Lots of grapefruit and lemon coming out in here. There is a touch pine resin coming across. The greatest part is just how fresh the hop aroma is. Just very fresh and clean. Malts a light, a little sweet, but the nose is all hops which is very expected.

T: Uh . . . don't know what to think here to be honest. For there being just a touch of resin in the nose, it seems to be the dominating flavor here. Its just like concentrated pine at times. Behind that I am getting the grapefruit which is pretty potent as well. Pale malts come in and try to clean it up a bit but I don't know if it suceeds to be honest. Hmmmm.

M: Light side of medium in body. Medium carbonation kicking in here as well. The 7.2% is evident, has a bit of heat to it. It is bitter on the tongue. Aftertaste is all resin and citric fruit (acid).

D: I can absolutely drink this. Don't get me wrong, it isn't bad. I think I just had higher expectations. It just doesn't come all the way together for me. The flavors need some work to mesh a bit better IMO. The look and smell make up for it a bit though. I just see this being a bit of a heart burn inducing beer after a few of them, but that may just be me. Still a good beer and I will be getting more in the future. Do I think it is better than Sweetwater's IPA? No.

Served In: Pint Glass