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Review by everetends on 08/12/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 2 8 18 4 8 2010
Big thanks goes out to OHLRangers for the hook up on this one. Served up in a tulip.
A: Pours up an apricot colored, orange tinted body. Held to the light, a little more orange color comes out with just a touch of red coming out as well. This puts out a really nice color. The body has a good amount of haze to it. Just a few line of carbonation bubbling up on the sides. The head was only about half a finger and it falters to a very thin ring. No lace to mention.

S: At first, I wasn't getting a damn thing out of the aroma. But after a while . . . it opened up. It starts off with the Belgian yeast and the sugary malt presence. Then comes the fruity goodness. Picking up on some peach, but apricot comes out a bit more. A little bit of pepper and spice makes itself known. Sadly, it just wasn't as aromatic as most saisons I have had. Its got some presence but it is a little muted. Would love for this one to open up just a bit more.

T: This is what I was looking for. The Belgian yeast comes out with a very nice honey presence. Its sweet but its just enough, doesn't get out of hand. The fruitiness comes out wonderfully. Dried apricots are the most present, but there are notes of peach, pear, and a little bit of apple. All these fruits come with a good bit of hops bite cutting through. This beer finished with an oat and grain presence that works beautifully with all these other flavors (espeically the honey). Peppery notes linger in the back but it does pop you from time to time. Just a well put together flavor profile.

M: Medium in body with a lighter medium carbonation. This beer does bring just a bit of heat on the throat. Little bit of bitterness and bite to it, but it really plays on the sweet portions of the palate. Aftertaste is the oats and grains, some apricot and pepper.

OA: Its just damned good. The aroma was a bit disappointing but still solid. The flavor just really steps it up for this beer. Its just very well put together and it works very well. I could drink on this all day given the opportunity. Just damned good beer.

Served In: Pint Glass