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Review by joe1510 on 11/17/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 9 17 5 9 2009
22oz Bomber

Received this IIPA in a great, and still ongoing, trade with russpowell, thanks Russ! Conductor IIPA pours a really nice, fairly clear polished copper with random carbonation flowing to the surface. The pour brought about a healthy, craggy, and meringue-like off white head formed on the pour and never fully left. Incredible sheet lacing and drink lines are left after each sip.

Wow, I didn't expect so much hoppiness and I really like where it's at. The aroma shows big resinous qualities and pine needles right up front and lingering throughout. A little ash combines with some caramel maltiness to form the base although neither of which are very pronounced. I'm a fan of the resinous and forest like hoppiness in my IPAs. The more I smell this the more I like it!

Flavor follows the aroma pretty close. Big pinyness hits right away and slowly fades but lasts through the swallow leaving a tongue stomping bitterness. The caramel maltiness is there just enough to stop the hops from running wild but it barely holds on. There's a touch of clean alcohol on the finish which, instead of hurting the flavor, adds a little spiciness to the equation.

Good mouthfeel for an IIPA. The body is on the heavier side of medium but flows through effortlessly leaving a solid bitterness in its wake. Drier mouthfeel then most IIPAs which really help the hoppy bitterness shine.

This bomber is going down pretty easy tonight although one is all I need for the evening. It's a palate ruiner and I'd hate to waste another bomber on an already bruised up tongue.

This IIPA really surprised me. I expected to find something good but this was a bruiser. Good strong hopping like I love from my IIPAs. I wouldn't hesitate to drink this again, that's for sure.

Reviewed: 4/27/08

Served In: Pint Glass