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Review by everetends on 05/19/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 6 18 4 9 0
Picked up a sixer of this at Smokin' Joes in Jacksonville, AL. Yes, this has finally made it to my area! Was stoked when the owner told me he had a new IPA for me. He is just as excited about new beers as I am. I served this up in a standard, Terrapin pint glass.

A: The pour results in a bronze colored body. Held to the light, more yellows come out. The body is pretty clear with a lazy, but consistent carbonation moving around in here. The pour built up almost two fingers of foamy white head. It falls slowly to a creamy top cap as the experience goes on. Good amount of lace sticks to the glass and sheets it all the way down.

S: The smell is a little more faint than I expect from an IPA. Getting some herbal hop notes to start things off. Pretty earthy actually. Behind that are the citrus notes in the form of lemon zest and skin. There is some malt balance here in the nose. Bring out some sweet and bready malts to balance out the aroma and it almost neutralizes it. Slightly unimpressed here.

T: Where it falls short in the nose, it makes up for in flavor. This beer just comes out to be a very solid IPA. Getting the citrus hops up front and in some abundance. Getting some lemon, grapefruit (bitter, bitter, not sweet or sour at all), and a touch of tangerine. There are some herbal and floral notes building as well behind all this citrus. Malts are coming out mostly bready, but there is a slight caramel sweetness as well. Its not balanced but it does cut the initial bitterness in the flavor, and then allows the bitterness to develop slowly to the aftertaste.

M: This beer is on the lighter side of medium, but has a nice weight to it. It is a little sticky and oily, coats lightly on the palate. ABV is not really coming out to me at all. Wonderfully hidden. Bitter on the palate mostly. Aftertaste is lingering lemon and grapefruit.

D: This is wonderfully easy to put down. I can drink this all day long to be honest. It has a balancing quality to it that makes it easy drinking, but still has that hop bitterness I want. I only wish the aroma had a bit more to it, but can't win em all. Overall a great beer and another sleeper for me from Sierra Nevada. Damn happy to finally have it on demand in my area.

Served In: Bottle