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Review by beastiefan2k on 01/28/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 9 16 4 8 2009
From OHLRangers on TBS. When did these start going in 12oz bottles? Also, this is a pretty bad name for a DIPA, good name for a doppelbock but not for an IPA. The beer pours a thick hazy orange-amber color. I like the hazy aspect, its not clear but with the adjuncts in here I am not surprised. In the end its a low clarity. The head is not large but it is strong. The lacing it leaves is medium sticky. Aroma is strong on... guess what... hops. What I like about the aroma is the strong bitterness. Plus, nothing akin to sweet./caramel malts and we are on our way to a good hop-heavy brew. I guess I get a little more citrus aspect but I would just think hops if I did not know there were other citrus adjuncts. There is a bit of sweet hop presence and a leafy-floral thang. Taste is bitter, just the way I like my hop-heavy beers. Some bitter grapefruit skin comes in at the end. The cool part, the aftertaste goes on forever. Just encompassing, bitter dryness just sticks around especially with some spicy food (as I am eating right now). Its not supper clean or bright but plenty bitter and dry at the end.

12oz bottle in a Marin Cuvee Roge tall thinned tulip.

Served In: Tulip