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Review by Dr. Rockzo on 01/05/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 11 17 5 10 0
Big time thanks to Alex for surprising me with this much sought-after Short’s DIPA. Drank at 6:15am on my birthday, poured from a 12oz. bottle into a Surly pint glass.

A: Pours a beautiful glowing amber/burnt-orange color with a subtle copper hue and bit of hop haze with a great 2 finger off-white soapy head that has very nice retention and leaves tons of webby lace along the sides of the glass after receding. Such a gorgeous brew…

S: The smell is chalk-full of both juicy hops and the citrus pith backing from the lemon and orange zest. A powerful combo of orange/lemon, dank floral/herbal hops, and some pulpy grapefruit (with a faint kiss of tropical exoticness) is only barely balanced by subtle toffee, candy sugar, and caramel notes. The hops and citrus rind are explosive and freshly pungent, pretty damn awesome.

T: The taste is almost as great as the aroma, with just a touch of a drop in the tropical complexity. The lemon and orange rind notes blend magically with the uber-dry grassy, floral/herbal, and subtly piney/grapefruity flavors of the hops. Strong, assertive, drying bitterness accompanies the hop flavors and all but wipes out the passive caramel/toffee/candy-sugar malt balance. Right up my alley for a DIPA hop-bomb, but I wish the tropical notes from the aroma were present more in the taste.

M: The mouthfeel is right up there near, if not matching perfection. The body is slightly on the higher side of medium bodied with a great level of moderate backing carbonation. The consistency is oily and slick from the hops but also drying and quite bitter on the finish, which I love. No real trace of alcohol heat present and the finish is mouthwateringly hoppy. Every sip leaves me wanting more than the one preceding it.

D: This beer matches if not surpasses Huma Lupa for me as my favorite Short’s beer. The citrus peel additions complement the huge hopping wonderfully, leaving me more than impressed. Not only that, but it’s ridiculously drinkable for such a potent libation. I feel like I could slam 3 of these in no time before I even notice the pending buzz.

I’m left stunned by yet another amazing brew from Joey S. I only can hope I’m somehow able to score more bottles of this while it’s still deliciously hoppy-fresh. Any hop heads out there need to put this at the top of their wish list if they haven’t tried it yet. A world-class DIPA all the way, kudos on another big winner Short’s@!

Served In: Pint Glass