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Review by Tip Top on 07/05/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 8 17 4 8 2008
Big thanks to Organized Chaos for this brew.

A - Aggressive pour produces a small, dark tan, fizzy head. Reduces quickly to a clump floating around and a bead around the edges. Body is dark copper with some red highlights.

S - Whoa. Lots of booze on the nose in this one. Bourbon barrel aging is obvious, bringing along a bit of vanilla with it. This beer does however seem overwhelmed by the booze and barrel time, as I am not really getting a whole lot of what other flavors might be going on here. Very sweet.

T - Wow, more than I thought I would get from this. How to start? Let's see, barrel aging becomes obvious right from the start, as when you start to sip this, the alcohol vapors start to penetrate your nose. Then it starts right off with a big flavor of bourbon from the barrel. Vanilla mixes in, playing along nicely with the bourbon tones. The beer that started this all starts to show itself. It's got a big caramel and pale malt backdrop, but it's ode to the hops. Bitterness all over the mouth, with some citrus flavors still floating around here. The bitterness sort of combines with the flavors of the barrel, bringing this to a finish with a dry, woody, bitterness that really reminds you of the char from the toasted barrel. Aftertaste keeps you thinking of bitterness for quite a while.

M - Full bodied, although not thick and sludgy, more sticky. Surprising carbonation for a barrel aged brew.

Overall - I really had my doubts about this beer. IPAs aged in on bourbon oak isn't something that usually does it for me. Ended up being a very enjoyable beer with lots and lots of flavor.

Served In: Tulip