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Review by everetends on 08/05/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 3 10 18 5 9 2010
A fitting beer for the last couple of days. I am drinking this beer thanks to the great spointon. Thanks, man. Served up in a tulip. Batch 04x5

A: Supplication pours a seemingly darker brown body with just a little red crimson coming through. Held to the light, more reds and a little bit of orange comes out in the color. The body has a nice haze to it. The carbonation activity is just a huge amount of tiny dancing bubbles. The pour got me about a finger of off white to light tan colored head. This has a really nice retention to it that is lasting for days. There is lace all over the glass, coating it with sticky white webbing. I was expecting a little more red to come through, but its still a really good looking brew.

S: I'd say there is brett in this. This has that awesome, damp, barnhouse loft smell to it. Just lots of damp wood, cobwebs, and earth. It has a nice, dark cherry aroma coming out. There is just a nice tartness and acidic vinegar note coming out as well. Not really picking up on any of the pinot notes, but its still nice to take in.

T: There's the pinot noir. Right behind the vinegar (tart and bright), there is a nice vinous quality of dark red wine. This shifts nicely into the tart cherries. The wood comes out with the brett qualities. Nice and musty with that damp wood character and the earthiness. As the beer warms more, the oak really comes out giving it a really nice woody character that builds. Just incredibly well put together as this beer goes from one flavor to the next.

M: This is what really makes this beer. Has a wonderful carbonation that is on the money. Nice acidic quality to this beer. Add some puckering tartness. Throw in a little bit of sweetness (just a touch). It has a little bit of bite to it (prickly at times), but it stays easy drinking. It feels light bodied but I know better. Aftertaste is a little vinegar, oak and cherries.

OA: Damn this is a well crafted beer. The cherry is so well planted in this beer its crazy. When I read the label, I expected a little overly aggressive cherry presence. Not the case. The cherries really compliment this beer but allow everything else to come out and be known. This is guzzle worthy and I wish I had two more bottles just for tonight. A lot of sours tend to be overbearing and hard to get through the whole bottle alone, but not this guy. Just fantastic.

Served In: Tulip