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Review by James Kitchens on 12/01/07  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 9 17 4 9 2008
I knew I would compare this one to Beatification, and to my surprise it actually compares favorably to it's smaller "cousin" (750ml vs 375ml). The biggest differences I can tell are color (slightly darker), smell (less notable in Sanctification), and slightly in taste (just barely shy on lemony pucker). I knocked this one down on smell due to the thin nature of the smell.

Slightly golden color. Straw, with good retention, and fairly notable carbonation.

Smell is not sour sour sour, but notably lemony and still sour enough. I love this smell, but I wish it was a bit more prominent.

Taste is just barely shy of the Beatification in terms of Pucker Power(tm). Acidic and lemony zing stand out as expected.

The beer changes flavors in notable ways as it gets toward room temp. Starts out strongly sour, but the sour gives way to a more Brett/beer taste as it warms. It's a nice change, but I am starting to miss the sour taste a little bit.

Crisp and light feel. Great warm weather beer. Carbonation is obvious.

Outstanding overall. Not so overpowering that I couldn't finish a few of these large 750ml bottles. Another fantastic bottle from RRBC. This one actually stands up well to Beatification for those of us who loved that bottle.

Served In: Tulip