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Review by everetends on 05/29/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 11 18 5 9 2010
Old Review
16.9 oz bottle that I am indebted to Wetpaperbag for quite a while Poured into a tulip. Bottled on 8-13-08.

A: Pours an oily, yellowy, amber. This beer is a bit hazy, definitely not clear. Got a good two fingers of beautiful, tight, off white head. The retention is pretty good, sticking around for a while. The lacing is sticky as hell, leaving a lot of beautiful webbing on the glass that just goes all the way down the glass. The lacing and head are just perfect.

S: The smell is if you cut a fresh, ripe grapefruit, this is how this beer smells. Just a beautiful, thick citrus smell. There are also some really nice mandarin orange scents coming through as well. Nice piny hops are present giving some nice bitter smells coming through. This beer smells great.

T: Taste is great as well. Really lush grapefruit flavor is first and foremost. The meat, the flesh, and the rind are all present. The grapefruit is sweet and tart. Tangerine and orange flavors are coming through very clearly. Piney and spicy hops are here coming through as well and are cut with a nice bready malt. Little bit of pepper in there as well. Oddly the bitterness does not play a role until the finish. I was kinda expecting this to be a more bitter hop bomb. This is still amazing.

M: A heavy medium body that is incredibly oily. This beer just sticks to your mouth and does not let go at all. All the flavors mingle on the palate incredibly long. Aftertaste is of bitter hops that challenge the palate at times. This beer is drying, but it just makes you want more.

D: Drink it. This beer is great. It looks and feels amazing. The flavor is damn near perfect. I think fresh, this beer would blow me away. Such a treat to enjoy and joy to have.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 09-29-2008 05:43:48

Served In: Tulip