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Review by everetends on 02/23/11  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
72 3 10 13 3 7 2011
12 oz can of the Gubna sent to me as an extra by the great spointon. Served this up in my shaped DFH pint glass. Lets do it.

A: Off to a good start. Has an almost classic DIPA look to it. Has that very hazy, golden and orange hued color to it. Held to the light it has some nice cloud and the gold comes out a bit more. The head is damned near perfect at a little over a finger of thick white foam. The head is tight and has some good retention. Lacing is just thick sheeting that notches all the way down. DIPA goodness here.

S: Smell isn't bad either. Has that dank, earthy hop note starting things off. Shifts to some pine and spice. There is just a slight citrus presence which is nice that the norm of most IPA/DIPAs out there. Good dose of caramel malts along with just a touch of honey coming out. Nice.

T: They start to lose me here. I don't know if this is old or if they did this on purpose, but it this is very malt forward. Tons of caramel and that sweet honey note is really coming across here. The hops do kind of have that faded quality to it where they are kind of sweet (best way I can describe old hops :bag: ). Touch of earthy and pine hops. Not really any citrus, spice or dank qualities that were found in the nose. Everything rounds out with the booze.

M: Medium mouthfeel with a lighter carbonation to it. It has a pretty sticky and sweet feel to it, lingers. Booze is big, really big. Lots of heat on the throat and in the belly. Aftertaste is all caramel and booze.

OA: Well . . . its not bad but it failed big time to wow me. The date on the bottom of the can is smudged,so I don't know if this is old but I am going to assume yes. The hops are just so light and the malt is so big that they couldn't have possibly meant to this. I say this because they already have the malt forward Gordon and I would rather that than this at this point.

Served In: Pint Glass