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Review by seaoflament on 02/20/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
72 3 9 14 3 7 2008
Big thanks to midaszero for the opportunity to try this rare beer. I was told that only 36 bottles of this were available for sale.

Pours a golden color with some copper highlights and a good inch of foam that quickly dies down to a ring. Some lacing on the glass.

Very acetic on the nose, pineapple, vinegar, pears, lots of leather, cherry, sweet toasted malts, apples, strawberry, and a powdery sugar sweetness. There is an odd fruity sweetness, and lots of esters, that balance the vinegar aroma once the beer settles. When I close my eyes and take a deep breath I get a vague aroma of toasted malts or dark fruits that I can’t quite pinpoint. Very “fleshy” fruit aroma. I also get some caramel covered apple aroma.

Nice tartness upfront with lots of fruits in the middle: pineapple, pears, apples, grapes, strawberry, cherry, orange, tangerines, and sweet lemons. A low to medium vinegar finish. Phenol flavors too. Tasting better along the way, very fruity with delicate sourness and funk. I can still feel and taste the vinegar in the finish and the back of my throat, not a big fan of such a noticeable presence of vinegar in sours but this isn’t too off-putting. Green apple and lemon finish with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

Medium carbonation level, thin but refreshing. Quite nice, can’t really find any faults here, maybe just a tad watery at some point. It does get a little watery later on. Medium dry finish with a tad of saltiness.

Good beer but the vinegar aroma and flavor could make this a little hard on the stomach.

Served In: Tulip