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Review by everetends on 01/01/12  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 11 17 4 8 1989
750 ml bottle thanks to ender. Served up in the New Glarus flutes that Dave sent with the bottle. Much appreciated.

A: Belgian Red hits the glass a mostly deep reddish brown with the tips of the glass looking a more light brown. Held to the light, more reds come out. The body is clear with a lazy carbonation moving around in there. The pour got me over half a finger of beige colored head. The head falls pretty quickly and there is no lace to speak of. Still a really good looking beer.

S: I want to say when I dip my nose into the glass that I can pick out different fresh cherry aromas and characteristics. Sadly, I can't. What I can find is an aroma that is nostalgic of my youth. It is the smell after you just stirred up a fresh batch of cherry Kool-aid. Its sweet, definitely cherry, and mouthwatering. It is spot on and I really dig the aroma going on here.

T: The taste is a bit more like it. When I first had this, I had been at a large tasting at the Sexual Chocolate release and I remember being very disappointed with this beer. I just thought it tasted like generic and artificial cherry. On a fresh palate, I realize that I was wrong. Picking up on a rich and tart cherry presence that is just delicious. It has a tart acidity to it that is spot on. It does shift a bit into that sweet cherry Kool-aid note I was getting from the nose, but that is mostly just a light and lingering flavor. It does have a touch of a sweet bready maltiness that is not much unlike a pie crust. Just a well put together flavor.

M: The feel is confusing in the best possible way. It is full of flavor that coats the mouth but it drinks incredibly light. ABV is nonexistent. The beer is sweet, tart, and acidic. Aftertaste is all cherries ranging from fresh to kool-aid.

OA: I had a bad experience with this beer in the past, but this experience was a welcomed surprise. This beer is very tasty, easy drinking, and a joy to sit down with. I still think that Raspberry Tart is the superior beer of the pair, but I won't snub my nose at this beer again. What do you know? Another fantastic beer from New Glarus.

Served In: Flute Glass