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Review by joe1510 on 05/13/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
54 2 7 10 3 5 2010
22oz Bomber


Recieved this bottle for Christmas from my Secret Santa, thanks Taynor, another "wants" casualty. Left Coast's Hop Juice pours a rather dirty copper with a slight haze. Not a lot of carbonation rising to the surface but what was there was tiny. After a particularly hard pour I coaxed up a half finger soapy white head that quickly fell to a swirling. Did leave some decent lace on its way down the glass.

Aroma sports a unique hoppiness and a spicy alcohol that compliments the hops. There is a solid husky graininess but the hop profile takes precedence but unfortunately I cann't put my finger on it. The booziness really seems to open up my sense of smell but I'm getting some crazy fruits in there strawberry, apricot, some citrus and some pine. I really can't put my finger directly on anything.

This is one of those beers where the flavor is completely different from the aroma. I'm on the fence here. Do I enjoy it or is it too different for my liking? Let me see what we have.

Husky graininess gives way to a sharp biting buzzsaw of earthy hops and booze mid-palate. While this beer is somewhat offensive mid-palate it relaxes and becomes more enjoyable on the finish. Leaving a touch of the fruitiness that was in the aroma but also some dirty hoppiness. It turns out I'm on the wrong side of the fence for this one.

The mouthfeel is one of the better aspects of this brew. Silky smooth with just the right amount of carbonation to keep things moving at just the right pace.

Although this beer looks decent, smells and feels good the harsh hoppiness and boozyness is a turn off in the flavor department. I'm going to finish this bomber but that will be all I could or would want to drink in a sitting.

I really though this beer was going to be better than it was. I don't know why I thought that but I did. Unfortunatly it was a let down. Way too boozy and the hop profile is way off.

Reviewed: 12/15/07

Served In: Snifter