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Review by everetends on 05/29/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
74 2 7 16 4 8 2010
Old review
22 oz bottle I picked up at Arbor Place beverage. Served up in a standard pint glass.

A: Pours a semi-thick dark ass brown. Held to the light has some deep brown colors with really nice ruby highlights coming through. A vigourous pour actually yielded little head to mention. Zero lacing from this one. Kind of a let down.

S: The smell is a bit weak. Only some roasted malt and coffee coming through. There is also a bit of a strange smell coming out. Kinda smells like when a wine sours or resembling malted vinegar. I know that sounds terrible but it is light and in the background. It puts you off a bit but it doesn't totally kill the beer.

T: Taste makes up some ground from the look and aroma. Really nice heavily roasted malts coming through with some brown sugar and caramel. The coffee is really pleasant and tasty. The coffee dominates but is not overpowering or cloying. There is also a touch of nice nuttiness, maybe hazelnut. Finally there is a touch of cream coming out as well.

M: Full bodied brew that is actually pretty thick and viscous. I wasn't expecting something quite this thick for some reason. Still has a touch of bubbly carbonation to it that makes this a somewhat easy drinker. ABV is light on the palate and doesn't really have to heavy of a burn. Aftertaste is mostly of coffee and malt.

D: This is a decent brew that has some ground to make up in the fields of look and aroma. The shocking part is that the aroma really doesn't kill the taste. The aroma does make me not want another but it wasn't too bad finishing off the glass that I had. Not a bad beer and I will revisit this one later.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 12-24-2008 06:51:33

Served In: Pint Glass