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Review by tavernjef on 01/21/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 10 17 4 9 2008
Pours a dark root beer color to sit a deeper, darker mahogany but looks mostly black in dull light. Smallish capping of lightly tanned foam surfaces the top. Good amounts of lacing string and stretch across the glass.

Love this aroma as its got a nice display of very roasty coffee with caramel drizzled over whipped creamed. Actually, and amazingly enough, but not surprised due to its name, smells much like a cappuccino!There's some lovely notes to dark black cherry, toffee, vanilla, and fig. Its not super bountiful or a punch in face like other coffeeish beers I've wiffed, but its very nice and complexing on the nose none the less.

Taste is just as complex, however, seemingly a bit more Porter-esk then Stouty? But me likey...especially as it warms. Yummy, solid stuff! Soft, alluring tangyish front of slight roasted malts and a interesting mix of toffee tanged dates and figs noted with a bit of cinnamon. Middles out with a slide into well-rounded mildness of vanilla soaked roastyness. Stays fair and well established on the palate for a bit before it rebuilds its vanilla aspect a touch more before drying slightly with caramel leftovers, figgy sticking around the cheeks, and very lofty coffee notes dancing inbetween staying mostly tanged within a Doppelbock-like/Strong Ale broadness.

Feel is a solid medium and tanged in all sorts of dark malty goodness laced with coffee, toffee, vanilla notings. Quite unique and stands on its own as something quite different from some of the direct punch in face Dbl. Stout types.

This Cappuccino Stout by Laguntas reminds me of what an Imperial Porter and a good Doppelbock would be like if blended together to make one brew. Uniquely dark and tangy with a tinge of coffee and a wonderful presense of goodness and yummyness across the nose and palate. Down right drinkable to the point of that 8% catching ya off guard a bit. Nothing wrong with that if ya think you can handle another...

Price: $6.00 Served In: Pint Glass