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Review by tavernjef on 10/04/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 10 17 4 8 2010
Opaquely thick as paint appearance in the hue of a dark rusty, cherrywood, ruddy, reddened, brown. Compacted and tightly foamed crown of dark beach sand sits with might and height. The cap of frothy thick foam settles slowly to a super thick skim that never leaves its place. However, little to no lace decides to stick as most of what shows slides back into the murky skim.

Wonderfully smokey aroma with a calm tone and presense about it that really speaks to its complexity and craft. Unlike most other smoked brews that are perhaps overtly meaty or bacony, this has more of a well placed amount of actual grains and wood than meats. Freshly wholesome and cereal grainy with just the right amount of light smoke puff to it. Light nuances of chocolate and a lighter yet berry sense buried underneath.

Taste has a nice smoothness all around as it has a darkened but fresh, wholesome center of cereal grainyness to it. Bready, just a bit sweet, doughy, and a few notches more of roastyness with dark fruits and berries layered in. Dusted late with a chocolate powder cake and a light smoked wood ascent adding a slice of tang along with it. Actually quite mild and very easy to drink.

Body is a mild medium with an overall tone of bready fluff and favorably grainy texture thats smooth and freshly wholesome. Nearly cask-like in tone with a very well placed airy balance allowing the roasty sweetness to lay groundwork for the smoke to air about and add a super fine tangy element to its character.

Enjoyable! Hell yes to the Norwegians for this wonderful smoked beer. I really liked all its balanced parts. Everything fits very well together with nothing to over the top with a very fresh, wholesome, craft, and subtleness that I found to me very much to my liking for a smoked beer.

Served In: Pint Glass