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Review by tavernjef on 08/17/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 10 15 4 8 2009
Moose Juice Stout, what a name! This stout pours like most; dark brown, settles solid black in the glass. A strong pour produced a finger high dark cocoa brown, foamy, uniformly bubbled head with a bit of a rocky top that faded slowly to a thin ring and some stringy patches of lace. Looks damn good. How's it smell?

Wiff in....ahhh, nice sweet chocolate, sorta dark and chocolate milkish; cocoa, a bit of burntness of cookies, some coffee, and notes of hazelnuts. How's it taste?

Sip, gulp....Oh well, the smell doesn't transfer as strong as I wanted; not nearly enough. Its quite quick and thin of chocolate and cocoa, slight roastyness and a faint light nudge of coffee with some burntness character attributed to the middle and a coffee-like dryness mixed with a solid little hop bite in the finish that lingers a bit. But its over far to fast. Although...this stout likes to change character quickly as it warms, it goes through a bit of transformation from thin to more of a bolder quality and finishing a bit stronger as well. But not enough to enhance the experience any.

Feel is smooth and creamy and a bit thin of a lighter medium body that gains some momentum into the finish and a dot more as it warms.

This stuff goes down very easy, its very drinkable! To bad it doesn't pack a bit more flavorful punch. But, as-for-mentioned, it gets a bit more noticeable subtleness to its flavors and feel as it warms.
My suggestion is to let it breath a bit before diving in. A smidgen better at a warmer temp.

Served In: Pint Glass