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Review by tavernjef on 04/04/11  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
98 3 12 19 5 10 2011
Like the classy stlye box and lable - bomber bottle 3581: Absolute black; covered densely with a firm dark tan foam that sifts to about a finger high. Some drippy drops of lacing sits along side an oily skin across the surface of my large Belgian snifter.

WOW! Holy fat whiskey aroma! Lovely, just lovely. Whiskey floats with its warmth with a heavy hand as slaps of vanilla, maple syrup, oats, raisin, fig, chocolate, and sweet bready waffle batter. Exceptional nose and then some.

Taste is unbelievably succulent(see Mouthfeel for more info) and dangerously warmed with its whiskey side poking into the sides of its huge vanilla, chocolate, smaller figgy, raisin base of malty gooeyness. Lots of thick vanilla and much of a chocolate base soaks in underneath as does maple and fig while the warming of the bourbon notes a lengthy marriage of all that is holy in the beery Kingdom of what is all that of Goose Island. The whiskey portion is a bit more unique then what the normal BCS in a indiscernible tangy and warming tingy way. Not sure if I'm quite the whiskey connoisseur to tell the dif between what is and isn't in the barrel aging, but the quality is higher, smoother, and tanged in a fuller warmth.

Body is immaculately smooth, warm, filling, full, creamy, silky, and yes, more warming. Very decadent and lushful with an unimaginable fever of chocolate and vanilla base warmth within a soaking, dripping, if you will, peppy, belly and throat warming coating of silken creamyness.

Rare indeed, as much as I love the good Ol' BCS, this somehow is one very big and crazy yummy step above that. Just what I needed to enjoy after being laid off today! I held on to this long enough...

Served In: Snifter