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Review by tangfoot on 03/24/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 3 10 18 5 9 2010
Chatting With Anubis by Harlan Ellison:
Anubis looked through me.
Do you know why I guard this tomb?
I said I did not know, bu tthat perhaps it was to protect the wisdom of the Oracle, to keep hidden the great secret of the Shrine of Ammon that had been given to Alexander.
And Anubis laughed the more. Vicious laughter that made me wish I had never grown skin or taken air into my lungs.
This is not the Shrine of Ammon, he said. Later they may have said it was, but this is what it has always been, the tomb of the Most Accursed One. The Defiler. THE NEMESIS.

This beauty is deep golden with some reddish tints. Nice thin head of bubbles on top, and many columnar streams of bubbles riding up the insides of the glass.

My sniffer is suffering the effects of spring, but I'll do the best I can. It has a very strong barleywine, or HotD Adam scent to it. The bourbon aging is present, and so is the alcohol burn.

However, the taste is nothing like that at all. Immediately sweet and syrupy, but too much so. At the back of the mouth you can taste the alcohol, and then a smooth bitterness sweeps over. It is amazingly smooth for the ABV. Lots of bourbon flavors present, and these give way to many other flavors as the beer flows. I have no idea how they got the maple bourbon barrel flavor to balance out without being overpowering (like Black Biscuit was), but whatever they did worked out perfectly.

This is a sipper of the first order, and nothing about it feels like it should be rushed. Sit back, pour into a snifter, and enjoy the subtleties as it warms and changes.

Thanks to OC for hooking me up. I owe you, Mike.

Served In: Pint Glass