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Review by everetends on 02/26/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 2 10 19 4 10 0
When I heard this was coming out, I had to have it. I have a serious thing for wheatwines, and a bourbon barrel aged, maple wheatwine? Have to have it and I feared ther would be no chance. Then kpruim01 strapped on his plate mail, got on his trusty steed and made this beer happen for me. In debted, my friend.

A: This pours out a syrupy liquid. The colors are brown, red and orange. It varies depending on how much light is hitting it. The body is slightly hazy with minimal carbonation movement flowing. The body is lighter than I expected, you can see throw and light gets through the hazy body. The pour doesn't seem like there will be a head at all to form, but it slowly builds a very thin, white, bubbled ring. Very small and minimal.

S: Smell is great. Just a huge amount of bourbon and wood. Has that deep bourbon and vanilla aroma. The maple is very nice and heavily present as well. Getting a little bit of caramel on the back end. It doesn't sound like much but its great. The bourbon aroma is just spot on and I think the nose would fool bourbon drinkers. Fantastic.

T: Boozy goodness but not out of control. All the bourbon flavor but without crazy bourbon alcohol. Don't get me wrong, this has an alcohol flavor but its not out of hand. Rich vanilla flavors coming out from the oak. Caramel makes an appearance along with a really nice, but light breadiness. The maple syrup rounds it out with some rich, sweetness. Its sweet but not too sweet, and boozy but not too boozy.

M: Full bodied with a light carbonation. Just a nice and heavy brew. Coats and sits on the palate wonderfully. This beer wants you to know what it has to offer. ABV is present with a really nice warmth in the throat and belly. Just warms you right up. Aftertaste is all bourbon goodness that just hangs on so wonderfully long.

D: Uh . . . this beer is amazing. I was really expecting this beer to be too much. I was afraid the bourbon and booze would be too out of hand. I was afraid the sweetness would be too much. But . . . its not. This beer is incredibly crafted and works on every level for me. I just hope I can get more to see how this ages. With that said, its great fresh. Founders killed it with this beer. I wouldn't want to knock back several of these in a sitting because one is enough. But that bottle is so drinkable and easily enjoyed. It just amazing.

Served In: Bottle