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Review by tavernjef on 11/10/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 3 10 18 5 9 2010
2002 - opened & drinking it in 2004 - Has a light caramel colored, thickly set pour out of the slender blue bottle, settles a dark sludgy and opaquely thick, mahogany ochreous color with the bottom giving way to a dark golden caramel hue. Firm and dense cap of prailine pecan malted ice cream. Some bigger bubbles on the pour side. Thin but prominent collar keeps the edge after a bit, lacing in minimal spots dripping back to the surface in a short duration.

Aroma is a lovely sugary soft yet colassal amount of caramel and brown sugar array with a slight sundry of hops that brings both dulled citrus and pine. Notes of ginger and cinnamon bring in more cookie dough sweetness; and I'm fine with that. Love that cookie dough stuff! Yum!

Taste is caramel-tastic! Age has seemed to mellow out this once 100 IBU beast down to a heavenly smooth concoction of malted caramel goodness. The hops are extremely subdued in this bottle. Oh, hops are there, but in flavor, not bite. Beautifully redeeming and coursing pine resin tinctures with sprinkles of citrus fruits that have lost there souring acids but not their flavors amend all the loose ends. But those caramel malts just keep gushing with a nice mixture of cookie dough sugars. Pulsingly strong amount of caramel now. Mainly finishing aspects silhouette the once beaming hop light of yore. Very little of the 12.7% ever makes itself present in the taste, aroma, or feel, but it does have that specific edge of warmth and burn to keep it in check along the way down. But hardly enough for this thirsty, willing dog.

Feel is firm and bold, free and pliant; thickly creamy and chewy with malts and super smooth. Mellowing calmness in alcohol and the hop bite tame now that its had time to sit. A beautiful sipping ale but gulping is fine too. One top notch brew that's similar to one of my all time favorite American style Old Ales, the Doggie Claws of 2002... and this seems to have a mix of Yulesmith and St. Bernardus in there. Just the thought of that is making my dreamy...

Served In: Goblet