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Review by everetends on 12/19/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 10 17 3 7 0
750 ml bottle picked up from All in One Exxon in Coosa County, Alabama. Was a bit shocked to hear that this Cigar City made it up to Alabama, but very glad it is in my glass. Served up in a tulip.

A: Pours from the 750 a very dark, seemingly black body. Held to the light, I can see that this is more of a dark, reddish brown colored body that sits as an almost black appearance. The body is completely opaque. The pour got me about three fingers of tan colored head. The head is quite rocky with a creamy texture. The head does leave some lace, but it is heavy and a lot of it slides back down into the body.

S: Sour and funky is the majority of the nose here. Getting a hefty dose of vinegar off the bat. It is an apple cider vinegar presence, so it is both sweet and sour. In this area, it seems to be leaning more towards the Flemish red area. Then it gets nice and earthy and funky. Getting some barnyard elements with some hay and dusty barn kinda of smells. This is rounded out by more apple presence along with some cherry. Very nice.

T: The flavor pretty much mirrors the aroma. Getting those Flemish qualities again with that apple cider vinegar presence. It is quite pronounced and can be found in the start, middle and finish of the flavor profile. The funk is not as heavy in the flavor, but there is a bit of dust and musky wood coming across. The sour granny smith apple note is spot on along with that tart cherry note as well. More tart than it is funky, but tasty all the same. The dark malts tend to push their way through in the finish a bring some nice sweetness.

M: Medium bodied mouthfeel here with a medium to medium-high carbonation. This keeps the beer easy drinking but it does get a little prickly at times. It does fall mostly into the sour area and does bring some decent puckering quality to the mouth. ABV really is not noticeable at all. Aftertaste is all apple cider vinegar, sour apples, and cherries.

OA: This is a very good beer and it was a great drinking experience. With that said, this is a beer that may confuse people who were expecting a saison (much like myself). It is more sour and lacks the earthy, funky, fruity qualities one would expect from a Farmhouse Ale. This may sound like I am knocking this beer, but I have to say it is pretty tasty and wonderful overall. It just pushes the boundaries of whether this truly falls into the Farmhouse style. All I have to say is: who cares? It's good.

Served In: Pint Glass