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Review by everetends on 01/26/13  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 3 10 19 4 9 2011
750ml bottle thanks to the always accommodating Lum. Served up in a tulip.

A: Pours up a dark red to purple body. Held to the light, the purples get a bit brighter and more vivid. The body is very clear with a pretty aggressive carbonation activity going on in there. The pour got me over 3 fingers of pink, bubbly head that built quickly and faded just as fast. No head left, no lace.

S: Smell is all blueberry. It is a mix of fresh, juicy blueberries and a sweet blueberry children's cereal. It has some tartness to it, but pretty blatantly blueberry. Love it.

T: Pretty similar to the nose. Fresh blueberries start things up with a nice juicy, fresh quality. Did I mention fresh? That shifts into that blueberry cereal quality thanks to some vanilla sweetness coming off the oak. Nice sour, vinegar finish.

M: Medium in body with a bright carbonation. On the palate it is tart, acidic, and a touch sweet. ABV is not noticeable at all. The beer dries up pretty nicely. Aftertaste is all blueberry and vanilla.

OA: Damned delicious. This beer lives up to as billed. Doesn't try to do more or go beyond that, just simply big ole blueberries. Damned tasty and really cannot get enough. Will be a very sad moment when this bottle dries up.

Served In: Tulip