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Review by everetends on 06/09/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 10 18 5 10 2010
Old Review
A big beautiful, half liter bottle sent to me from the great IBUnit63. I have been waiting a long time as one of the founding members of LNBA and being one of the last to finally have this fine brew. Served up in a Weihenstephaner Weizen glass. This one is for the great CB and the LNBAs.

A: Pours a crazy, cloudy, hazy, vibrant yellow that just glows when held to light or not. A somewhat vigorous pour yield a good two fingers of beautiful white foamy head. This head is pillowy like the clouds that ride the rainbows. The head lasts, just refuses to leave you, giving you comfort in hard times. So much damned carbonation activity. Rising quickly at first, then slowing just a bit, but always climbing throughout this beverage. This is what I have been waiting for.

S: So enticing. Got a lot of earthy goodness coming through with grains. Then the banana hits you with nut shot force. Tons of bubble gum come out as well. A touch of citrus on the nose. Sweet sugar lingers somewhere in the background. There is also a touch of floral goodness coming out that I can't quite put my finger on. DAMN!!!

T: I have had these feelings only a few times before and one that comes to memory is when I lost my virginity to a young lady who reminded me of Anna Kournikova while watching "Warriors of Virtue" (it was the lady's pick). This beer is, in fact, a hefe on steroids. So much banana in the forefront. Then the bubble gum. I have never tasted so much bubble gum goodness in a beer before. Its sweet and tasty. The grains are there along with a touch of citrus and earthy goodness, but the banana and bubble gum are so powerful, present, in your face and balance for taste all at the same time. This is friggin amazing.

M: This is a brew that is medium bodied, but on the full side. Has some weight to it. Not pansy at all. She grabs the hair and gives a tug at times. ABV is present and noticable but doesn't take away from the experience at all. Carbonation is the perfect level of high and makes this sweetheart crisp and easy on the palate. Has a somewhat slick feel to it that sticks with you, leaving bubble gum and banana in your mouth for a good while.

D: This is probably my new favorite brew. This is stupid good. I have always been a fan of German styles, and this is amazing. Damn near perfect in every category. This beer is damn tasty and goes down amazingly well and easily. I just want to drink more and I sad that I have ran through this one so fast without a backup. For now, she will be the one that got away but at least I was able to taste every part of her before she left. I long for you Vitus. VITUS!!!

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 01-03-2009 07:07:10

Served In: Weizen Glass