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Review by everetends on 08/15/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 2 11 18 4 9 2010
Picked this one up at Green's off Ponce in ATL. I think I paid a little over $14 for the bottle. I don't know the age of the bottle but it does read "biere artisinale sur lie" instead of the English on some bottles I have seen in the past, and it has a best by of May 2012. Served up in my favorite Free the Hops tulip.

A: Cork pops out of this one with a huge pop. The bubbles start building in the bottle's neck, making me fear a gusher. Luckily, it stops and is ready to pour without a mess. It hits the glass a very nice orange that fades out from the center to a golden color at the edges. I can see that the body has some cloudiness/haze to it when I hold it to the light. It also has some darker sediment floating around in there as well that I cannot identify. The light also brings out more of the golden hues as well. Carbonation is moving around in the haze. The pour got me about a finger and a half of crisp, white head. It fell slowly to a thin ring surrounding the glass. Just a minimal amount of lace on the glass. Not bad looking.

S: As I popped the cork on this, I got a burst of aroma that reminded me of champagne or white wine. It was just very vinous. As I poured it, it was a different story. It comes out with some floral bigness to it. That moves into some musty, dusty, farmhouse goodness (hay and earth). This shifts into some orange and lemon notes along with some pepper. Throughout all of this, there is just this encompassing but subtle sugar sweetness floating around in here. Just damned awesome.

T: Taste switches things up a bit, but still brings the awesomeness. Starts off with some really nice citrus notes. Getting lots of orange and lemon notes coming out. This mixes with some floral presence and that barnyard, funky goodness. Its musty, funky, and fantastic. Getting a little bit of that vinous quality coming through with some crisp white grape. Picking up on some pepper and a little bit of leathery saltiness as well. Once again, it has a sugary quality running through the flavor, but its more like a fruity sugary presence. So, it all blends and doesn't become a crazy sweet. Just spot on.

M: Lighter side of medium with a medium carbonation. The carbonation brings some prickle to it, but it subsides and gets very manageable. The carbonation level also allows this beer to have a little wieght to it as well. Its not as bubbly as most saisons, but it has a nice crisp feel to it. I was taken aback when I saw the ABV level of this beer because I cannot find it at all. Aftertaste is all citrus, pepper and a little bit of lingering barnyard.

OA: I can't believe it took me so long to give this beer a go because it is really damned good. I was a little bit turned off by the price, but once the bottle was opened I forgot about it. Aroma is great, flavor is great. Just damned good. I will have to pay a little more attention around town to see if I can find a better price so I keep this one on hand. Really, really like it.

Served In: Tulip