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Review by tavernjef on 09/20/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
98 3 11 20 5 10 2010
Beatifully mild banana yellow color with a soft hazey glow. Monsterously creamy and tall compacted capping of white, decoratively fopped foam. A thick white blanket of lacing drapes itself across the glass with barely any missing stitches to it. All the while the head itself hardly moves as it unfolds into a sculpted heep of marshmellow mush.

Aroma is approachable by arms length at first pour. Big and lofty with a peppery spice of yeast and dry hops backed by green bananas and old pineapple. Mellows out to be alot more rounded and mellow with a bit more of dullishly soft lemon pie.

Soft, delicate, well rounded flavors ensue and fill the palate quickly with a creamy, fluffy textured delight of banana and lemon pie filling. Frothy candyness with very mild, intriguing citrusy flavors take a place well along the palate as it subsides some into a middling finish of slight peppery spice and hoppy dryness. Its savoriness superseeds its simplicity as it builds and builds with intensely mild, yet fronting froth of maltyness and mellowed candyness. It favors a light warmth late as it cinders like a fading fire with some wonderfully replaced citrus candy thats super milding and fluffy. It tends to create a billowing sense of banana, lemon, and pineaplle as it seeps into the mouth leaving nice little spicyness of pepper hops. The Saaz makes for most of its snap and strength; however is seemingly wiped away by its play of candyish pie filling sweetness. Its quite remarkable in balance through and through. The spice is never over powering, as its ABV is barely evident...

...which seems laughable. The 9% displayed on the 'Gnome sniffing hops' label says nothing to its dimeanor... well actually, at least until late after much of the 750ml has been drained. Then watch out it'll make ya go weee....I'm a Gnome, I'm a Gnome...

The feel is amazingly soft and full with an awesomely foregiving, supple body and warmth of dulled citrusy candy-pie filling. Frothy in texture and one of the most unique in stature that I've not encountered before. Its like liquid pastry. I swear. Its that good.

Fine drinkability. Soft, yielding, delightful, and yummyliscious. It makes a slow settled, sinking impression into the mind with wonderment and awe as it makes me ponder how a beer so good could be so dangerous. I mean it made me say something along the lines of 'savoriness'? C'mon, thats worth something, isn't it? Wow! A lovely, lovely beer. A real winner by Chouffe!

Served In: Goblet