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Review by Lum on 11/04/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
90 3 11 18 4 9 0
Back label says August of 2006.

Pours a gorgeous, slightly hazy, golden brassy color. Almost one finger of bone white head takes place following an aggressive pour - dissipates almost immediately. A couple of streamers feed an ever encompassing collar, which lends to some fairly pretty lacing.

Aroma is of attic must, with some white pepper grinds tossed around. Good funkyness to this - nice and mousy... over ripe soft cheese funk, with some gym sock funk mixed in. I LIKE IT. Subtle hints at apricot... along with cantaloupe and canned pear slices. Heaven.

Mouth puckering sour at the first sip... hell yeah, love me some Cantillon! Very acidic, as it just rapes the tongue... is it really rape if the tongue is a willing partner? I didn't think so. So, lets just say the acidity of this just bends the tongue over and has its way with it.
Again, Strong notes of apricot along with a certain white grape skins presence (sour). Other fruits come to mind as well... small touches of unripened pineapple, green melon and again, pear, but mostly the apricot, oh sweet apricot.
Perhaps just a small touch of bitterness to this.

Medium in body, crisp, abrasive yet smooth mouthfeel. My tongue tingles from the sourness of this... completely dig it. Carbonation is right on.
Love it.

As always, Cantillon knocks this one out of the park. Just a pure pleasure, from start to finish (well, I am not finished yet... but I see no reason why I won't still be lovin' it towards the end). The apricot taste to this is to die for... well balanced to the acidity. That Cantillon mouth puckering sourness makes this one a time consumer... as in it will take well over an hour or so to enjoy to it's fullest... a good one to split with a friend.
But hell, I feel greedy, and don't wish to. MINE.
Good call Frank.
A Must Try.

Served In: Tulip