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Review by Guido4Life on 01/27/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 2 10 17 4 8 2009
Bought this bottle at the Cantillon Brewery in Brussels, which explains how I got it so cheap. Brewed in 2006 and bottled in 2009. Poured into a Bruery tulip.

Pours...holy balls, what have we here? Did Lost Abbey mislabel one of their bottles? It's fucking flat! Oh, never mind, I'm being told that's how this style is supposed to be. Ok then, party on, Wayne/Garth. The beer is clear, golden, and flat - or I guess "still" makes it sound better. Aroma is tart, funky, and bretty. Green apples and other light fruit notes as well as wood are noticeable. Flavor is bretty and woody with some funk. Some apple juice notes. Very tasty beer with a hint of sweetness to balance the sourness. On the mouthfeel, well, it's flat, but I like it. Medium acidity. Overall this is a damn good unblended lambic.

Price: $10.00 Served In: Tulip