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Review by everetends on 07/01/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 10 18 4 8 2010
Old Review
750 ml bottle I got from the great BitterPachyderm. Finally got around to this beer. Was going to have this last night, but fatigue got the best of me and tonight is the night. Served up in a tulip glass. Lets do it.

A: Big ole pop once the corked cleared the bottle. Gotta pour pretty gently, this baby will foam up on you. Has a very vibrant golden yellow with a hue of copper running through it. Not clear, has a nice haze to it. The body has a very steady stream of carbonation bubbling around in here. The head was a good two fingers due to my overzealous nature on the pour. Falls to a good finger an stays around for the game. The head is crisp white and has a very soapy texture and look to it. Little bit of soapy lace sticks to the glass. Very nice indeed.

S: Smells like a saison for sure. Has a really nice musky quality coming out first. Very earthy yeast and grains forward, but there is that nice barnyard quality going on here. Touch of leather and horse poo. Maybe just a little bit of wet wood. Behind all of that,there is a light sour quality. Almost like a touch of sour grapes hiding in the background. The sour is present but very beautifully added as just a compliment in the nose, making the saison take the lead. Very, very nice.

T: Absolutely a lot like the nose. Nice amount of yeast in here, has a nice Belgian like quality to it. Little bit sweetness coming across with the grains. A little bit of spiciness in some peppery goodness. The musk translates in the flavor with some of that leather, wet wood, dust, and horse blanket notes. Yet again, just a touch of sour to add some nice and new levels to this beer. Very light amount of sour fruit, plum skin and sour white grapes. Oh so nice, and so summer in the countryside. Just beautifully representative.

M: Medium in body with a seriously heavy carbonation presence. The heavy carbonation mixed with the level of dryness this beer reaches, it can be a bit much at times. A little abrasive on the throat but still very good. Touch of alcohol heat that is a bit high for a Saison and could be tamed a bit. Aftertaste is funky barn notes and light sour fruits.

D: In one word this beer is amazing. The sour is just so well placed and the Brett doesn't overpower the Saison. It just has a touch of that sour goodness coming across, but it is just enough to add a new dynamic to this beer. So funky with a nice and light sourness. The flavors, aromas and look are great. Just a delight of a summer/hot weather beer. My only gripe is lower the ABV a bit, it doesn't need all that. Thanks, Mason. this was amazing.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 08-18-2009 02:40:27

Served In: Tulip