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Review by bakes on 03/21/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 11 16 4 8 2008
SAP: Six months later, the bottle 8 bottles after yours (#01140) has been unleashed.

The cork came out with a decidedly loud POP! and I awaited a gusher that never came. Whew. Poured it into the Duvel tulip and a bright straw gold nectar appeared, with a quickly rising, foamy head that hangs on like an 8 year old on a roller coaster. The aroma is just... damn, sniffing it again and again. A fresh, grass/leafy hoppiness overlies a brilliant apricot/tangerine/grain malty sweetness, the Brett coming in to give everything a hint of bitter cellar sort of hit, faint phenol, maybe Earl Grey tea in the maltiness as well, an almost lemongrass or gypsum like powdery note... and it all works together so well.

It starts out with a firmly bitter bite on the tongue, but the flavors are more like the aroma - there's that tangerine and Earl Grey tea malt, some fresh, bright herbal hoppiness, hints of alcohol, and then the Brett shows up, slightly phenolic but adding a depth of funkiness, faint horseblanket, a spiciness that fairly jumps up the nose, bringing with it a fine whiff of lemongrass - ever smell an unused lemon herbal teabag? Sort of like that. The finish is relatively dry, with a fine lingering tangerine in herbs with Brett in the background. Mouthfeel is sprightly with a nice residual chewiness.

Not having tried this when SAP did, and not having that way with words either, I can say that comparatively and to my taste buds, it would seem to have dried out a bit, with less residual sugar. The herbal hoppiness is wonderful and is more present than the Brett, so it still has a while to go for the Brett to really take over. From the flavor balance, it has some room to do so without losing the aspects that make it good. Thanks to TipTop for the bottle - here's to the equinox.

Served In: Tulip