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Review by everetends on 12/29/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
78 2 10 16 4 7 0
Had a Christmas party this past week and a four pack of this was left in my fridge. Merry Christmas and thanks to the individual who left it behind. I haven't really ventured into the SA Imperial Series at all, so now is as a good a time as any. Served up in a standard, shaker pint.

A: Pours up a dark brown body. Held to the light it has a very light cloud to it and it remains that dark brown body. Very clear other than that light cloud. Pour got me very little, tan colored head and it falls almost immediately. No retention, no lace. Overall, pretty meh in the look.

S: Big and malty, exactly what you expect from a Double Bock. Lots of caramel and toffee. Actually the toffee aroma is incredibly clean and pronounced. Just nice and sweet with a nice undercurrent of booze. Lots of dark fruits coming across. Getting some raisins and figs. Liking what is wafting up my nose.

T: Taste takes a little bit of a downward turn IMO. You know they used a lot of malts and sugar because this bitch is full of alcohol. Lots of booze that has an almost rum like presence with booze, sugar and spice. Although the rum note is nice, it almost over powers the entire drinking experience. There is that caramel and toffee presence, but is gets overshadowed. Little bit of raisin and fig. Little bit of a bready, hearty quality. Yet again, everything seems small compared to the booze/rum note.

M: Thick and chewy full bodied presence. ABV is noticeable in flavor, but it does tame a bit as far as feel. Brings a little bit of heat on the throat but it is minute. Sweet on the palate and doesn't deviate much from that. Aftertaste is all rum/booze and some caramel.

OA: Its not bad at all. It falls short in a couple of areas (look and flavor), and then it rises up in others (nose and feel). It is one of SA's better beers and I can see myself drinking a four pack of this pretty quickly. The flavors are a bit boozy, but they do come together and provide a good experience. decent stuff here.

Served In: Bottle