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Review by tavernjef on 09/02/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 12 18 4 9 2010
Reviewed 3/31/04: The OSA 1997 was made with Scotch Pine -pinus sylvestris - which in smaller stages is one of the more popular Christmas trees grown in the Northern Great Lakes areas of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. A close relative to the Norway Pine and Red Pine. In open-grown landscapes they can reach 50-70 feet high with irregular crowns depending on wind shear.

Nice color of dark chocolate brown and a nice dark tan top about a finger high lightly fluffs up. A collar remains present throughout the serving, lace in miniscule spots.

Aroma is well distinguished of aged wonderment, the Scotch pine is still incredibly resin filled and of fresh cut lumber. Pleasantly soft and rounded, very fresh and dusty of pine lumber. Great notes of licorice and anise underneath. But that fresh cut lumber smell with sap, resin, bark, needles, and dust is sublime! They got the whole tree in there, super fresh like a sawmill full of Scotch pine lumber.

One taste of this aged wonder and it nearly brings you back to 97', the air, the water, and the wood used has all aged nicely. Quick malty roasted front that gets pushed away quickly to let the spices of the tree resin, sap, and needles swell in over some ginger cookie sweetness, darkened vanilla, thinner molasses, anise, and partial cocoa. The Scotch pine is favorable with an overall mild tone keeping some notes peeking here and there. Not as present as what the smell leads onto, but still good nontheless. Lingering long is some toasty caramel and the fresh pine resin and needles sticks around for a decent length with an overall dryish tone. Nice complexities through and through.

Starts thin and malty but thickens with spice, malts, and even a bit of fluffy textured carbonation that gets pretty full at the midway point, but falls out a bit too soon yet continues to give out a nice lingering finish thats layered well in complexity.

Some very nice stuff, aged completely now, it has taken out alot of roughness, I imagine, its smooth, bold, complexing, and above all, yummy and damn drinkable!

Served In: Pint Glass