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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
78 82 68 4 14 0
Fantabulous Resplendence X Anniversary by Three Floyds Brewing LLC
American Strong Ale
10.50 % ABV

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American Strong Ale
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Review by joe1510 on 11/17/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 2 11 16 4 8 2009
22oz Bomber
Binny's Orland

I'm pretty excited about trying the newest Three Floyds creation. Cool label with all the beer personalities. Fantabulous Resplendence pours a murky garnet that glows orange when held to the light. A half finger head formed on the pour but quickly fell to a ring around the glass with an island. Very little carbonation crawls painfully slowly to the top.

The aroma (similiar to Dreadnaught) is packed to the gills with big juicy tropical fruits. As a matter of fact I cant hardly pull out any malt at all it's just the dripping juicy fruits. Mango steals the show. The juiciest, chin dripping mango you have ever eaten. Some squirts of papya as well as some pineapple toward the rear. Excellent smelling brew.

This beer is a drop kick of a hop bomb just like a fresh Dreadnaught. Caramel malt upfont gets kicked aside by a big mouthful of pine needles and all that fruit juice. Mango, mild pineapple, and even some orange show up toward the finish after the pine makes the initial appearance. The pine shows up late on the swallow with a big hop bitterness.

Medium-full body with a slightly sweet/sticky finish. Very welcomed strong hop bitterness covers any flaws I can find because I'm so happy to get such a tongue stomping.

For a beer of this size and tastebud stripping bitterness I could drink this till I couldn't drink anymore.

Another nail hit directly on the head from the fellas at Three Floyds. Big, juicy, and bitter but also complex and tasty. A beer I would like to see become part of the regular rotation.

Reviewed: 7/29/07

Price: $9.99 Served In: Snifter

Review by seaoflament on 03/15/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 2 10 16 4 8 2009
*Uploading my old reviews, this one has a review date of: 11-01-07. If I can acquire the beer again I will re-review it*

I got this one in a trade with Jay23, thanks!

Pours an amber color with some active carbonation but little to no head.

Aromas of biscuit, toasted, and caramel malts with grapefruit, pineapple and apple fruits. A little zest and pine aromas from the beers hop profile are very inviting and works pretty damn good with the malt. I also detect some bitter or over ripe orange in the background.

The taste is good. A citrus bitterness upfront followed closely by the biscuit and caramel flavors.

The mouthfeel is thick and almost syrupy but the bitterness keeps this beer from being cloying and overly sweet.

Didn't really impress me much but it was a good, solid beer.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by Westside Threat on 01/23/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
68 2 9 14 3 6 2008
A: Attractive vibrant pumpkin color with some haze to it. Carbonation looked good when I popped the cap but the head is almost nonexistent. Only a thin white film resides on top of the body.

S: Interesting aroma. Some vanilla, marshmallow, coconut, butterscotch and dusty hops.

T: Tastes a lot like it smells. Begins with lots of marshmallow, caramel and butterscotch with hints of grapefruit and tangerine essence. Little bit of lemon after the swallow with a good amount of alcohol. A really dirty bitterness comes in full force and almost ruins the experience for me. The bitterness is a bit stronger than I prefer and quite off balance. Finishes with lingering brown sugar and more bitterness.

M: Medium body, little bit syrupy

D: Eh. This one was ok but really nothing special. The dirty bitterness at the end killed it for me.

Served In: Wine Glass

Review by Tip Top on 12/07/07  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 9 17 4 8 0
A - Pours a nice glowing apricot colored body. Tons of tiny bubbles racing to the surface. Light tan head is thick and made of uniform sized tight bubbles. Reduces to a thick ring around the glass after a minute or so. Nice sticky lacing.

S - Sweet with tropical fruits. Sticky, resiny, piney hops ooze out. Grapefruit rind in the background.

T - Starts off with some sweet tropical fruit flavors. These quickly gives way to waves of hops. Starts with some grapefruity hoppiness. Then piney bitterness takes over and doesn't release your tongue for a few seconds. Big sweet maltiness backs this all up.

M - Thick and syrupy. Sticky, resiny hops.

O - I don't think I really got the full strength of this beer. It would've been much better more fresh with the hops at full strength. Still, this is a rock solid beer that is between a DIPA and barleywine.

Thanks to Nucular George for the bottle.

Served In: Pint Glass

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