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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
96 98 94 2 27 8

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Tea Bagged Furious by Surly Brewing Company
American IPA
6.20 % ABV

Review by MasterSki on 11/16/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
94 2 12 18 5 10 0
I've had this a few times now - at Darkness Day, and at Night of the Living Ales, and at Sheffield's. It's always a huge treat to have this one. Served in my NotLA taster glass.

A - Hazy orange-brown color, with a nice bunch of persistent bubbles on top. Not much in the way of head or lace. It's a cask beer - this is how they look! I just find cask beer decidedly unsexy looking, even if I love the taste & mouthfeel.

S - Wow! Furious on crack! Tremedous citrus (tangerine, grapefruit, orange) with some tropical fruits (pineapple & mango). There's also some floral and grassy notes not present in regular Furious - I'm guessing there is a huge amount of amarillo involved in the second dry-hopping. In any case, it's huge & delicious.

T - It's just as delicious as regular Furious. Tons of hops, candied citrus, solid caramel malt balance, with a mild residual bitterness. I did notice that after the fifth or sixth pour the bitterness got a bit tiring. It's also a tiny bit of a letdown from the smell. Those two elements keep me from giving this a perfect score.

M - Smooth, medium-bodied, low carbonation (obviously!), great residual stickiness. Velvet creaminess, yet very refreshing!

D - Hmm...low carbonation + medium ABV + incredible flavor = I can't stop drinking this. It's probably a good thing Tea-Bagged Furious isn't available more often, otherwise I'd be adhered to a bar stool somewhere and my wife would be filing a missing persons report - seriously though, this is an incredible brew, and combines the best of extreme American hop profile with traditional English real ale texture. If appearance didn't matter so much on this site it'd be my top-ranked brew.

Served In: Flute Glass

Review by Tip Top on 12/27/07  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
98 3 12 20 5 9 0
Review from 12/14/06

Had this last night at Groveland Tap in St Paul. This cask was conditioned with a tea bag full of one full pound of hops in the pin.

A - Pours a vivid apricot color with a big creamy looking tan head. Head goes nowhere and leaves great sticky lacing.

S - Oh man. I literally spent a few minutes smelling this stuff before taking a sip. Huge pungent grapefruit citrusy odor. Juicy and robust. The hop aromatics are top notch here.

T - Unlike the smell, this beer is very balanced. Regular Furious has a big bitter bite to it. The Tea Bagged Furious is more hoppy with big, juicy, citrus hops, but it doesn't have any bite really. Goes down juicy and smooth with a nice sweet malt backing. I wish there was enough of this for a session.

M - Smooth and creamy as a result of the cask conditioning.

D - This a really really great beer. If you have the chance to try it, take advantage.

Served In: Other

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