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Review by everetends on 01/17/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 9 17 4 9 2009
12 oz bottle I got from my good friend Molly who is now living in Fairbanks. She just left my house to get ready to go back to Alaska after her Christmas vacation here in the South and I figured I would have a beer she gave me to see her off. Served up in a standard pint.

A: Has a nice orange color to it. Actually has a bit of a amber/red quality to the look as well. Held to the light I am getting more of an orangey to yellow hue to it. The pour got me about a finger of crisp, white head. Sadly, not getting much of retention to the head. It falls after about five minutes. o lace to talk about really. Body is nice and clear with a lazy carbonation activity to it.

S: Has a decent amount of sweetness in the nose. We are talking a good amount of caramel actually. Behind that I am getting a touch of spiciness of the hops coming out. Grains comes through with a good amount of earthiness that really starts to dominate the aroma as this warms up. Very nice.

T: Not much unlike the nose really. Grains are nice and earthy. Has a good heft to it. Sweetness is coming out in some light caramel and a touch of red apple at times. Hops are light but present, bring a touch of spice to it. All of this flavors are light and just enough. Absolutely works as a Marzen.

M: Heavier side of light in body, has some wieght to it but it doesn't take it out of the light category. Carbonation is good and medium, I mean damn near perfect. This actually does have a lingering tingle to it on the throat and I can't tell if it is the alcohol or not, but I don't know what else it could be. Otherwise, rolls of the palate and finishes pretty clean, leaving just some grains in the aftertaste.

D: So yeah, big ass suprise here for me. I was a bit bummed when I saw lager and I was even more bummed when I saw Marzen. I am just not a fan of Marzens, they just seem so bland and redundant. This one is different though. Has just enough flavor but keeps the drinkability level easily. Smell has some dynamic to it as well, and the feel is awesome. I am sold and would love to keep a sixer of this in the fridge as a lawnmower beer. Damned fine.

Served In: Pint Glass

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