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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
79 80 78 2 17 7

Review by everetends on 06/21/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
78 3 8 16 4 8 2010
Old Review
12 oz bottle I picked up from Grub Mart in J'ville, AL. Finally ended my boycott of SN brews from the Grub because they finally lowered their prices. A sixer that used to be 10 bucks is a decent $7.19 now. Not bad if you ask me. Served this one up in a standard shaker pint glass.

A: Pours a pretty black (or seemingly) in color. Held to the light, a bit of light gets through, creating a lot more brown coming out. The tops and bottoms of the pour are a dark brown in color. The pour yielded a huge head. Maybe 2.5 fingers in height of tan colored head sitting up here. Pretty good retention and the lacing is all over the glass, notching and coating it easily. Pretty impressive.

S: The smell is actually pretty light to tell the truth, but pleasant all the same. Roasted malts (actually a bit more roast than I was expecting) are the first thing that hit you. Light coffee and chocolatey presence brings the slightly sweet and bitter. A touch of earthy hops aroma in the back end. Overall, nice but its a bit weak on the power of the aroma and you have to strain a bit to get the aromas out.

T: Everything seems to be in order here. Yet again you get that nicely roasted malt that has a touch of burn to it. Semisweet chocolate flavors really come out of that malt as well. Coffee has a nice touch going on, very light and slightly whimsical but nice. There is a pleasant vanilla and lactose coming out as well. Hops are light in the back with some grassy goodness. Touch of astringency but nothing crazy.

M: Medium body that is a bit too light for my liking in a stout. Pretty smooth feel though is created that has a touch of coating to it. ABV is no where to be found, just a light and smooth experience. Aftertaste is mostly just some roasted malt left behind and some astringent qualities.

D: Pretty darned good experience and better than I was expecting. Goes down very easy for a stout and doesn't have the heaviness that is expected from the style. The feel could be a bit heavier and the aroma could produce more, but thats nit picking to tell the truth. A solid and simple stout. Enjoyable and sessionable.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 05-17-2009 00:23:00

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by tavernjef on 02/20/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 9 16 4 8 2008
Color is a solid brown, almost black, very velvety, with a tannish head about a pencil width high, very creamy and has a heavy frothyness to it that settled slowly to a misty skimming and left curtain-like lace patches. Every tiny little bubble was the exact same size, quite consistant.
Smell is of roasted malt and cascade hop, nice and crisp with a bit of dark toffee/coffeeness to it.
Taste is more of the same, its quite full & rich, mildly heavy, nice roasted maltness throughout with a good hop crispy bitterness. The roasted malt is a bit coffeeish and burnt-like and the hop lends itself to a bit of a citrusy bitterness mild bite. Very nicely blended.
Feel is a solid medium body with a nice drying feel in the finish.
This is a solid stout and pretty drinkable.

Served In: Pint Glass

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