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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
79 86 72 7 37 23
Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
American Pale Ale
6.70 % ABV

Review by everetends on 05/27/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
72 3 6 16 4 7 2010
Picked this one up from Hop City in Atlanta. It was four bucks and some change so I figured I could do no wrong in this situation. Served up in a pint glass.

A: Pours a coppery color with a pristinely clear body. Held to the light, some more of the orange hues really come out. The carbonation is medium and constantly streaming. Pour got me a finger and a half of pretty creamy, slightly off white head. The head fades slowly and leaves a lasting cap. The lace is all over the glass and sticky as all hell. Great looking beer.

S: Smell is pretty meh. Its kind of subdued and quite light. I am getting some light hops but they don't have any aromatic powwer behind them. They aren't wowing me. Getting some pine and resinous quality to it. There is a little bit of sweet caramel coming across as well. Other than that, not getting much. Pretty run of the mill.

T: The taste is a bit of a step ahead of the aroma. Things start with some biscuity and slightly caramel malt presence. Kinda fools you a bit into thinking this may be malt forward but the hops kick in rather quickly. Getting some really nice pine presence. Very nice and present pine resin notes. Behind that is a really nice and spicy hop quality as well. There is also just a touch of orange as well. The flavors all work very well and are quite damned tasty.

M: Feel is damned good. It falls in the area of medium with some really nice creaminess and stickiness to them. Carbonation is medium to light, giving this just enough to keep it easy drinking but doesn't take away from its wonderful creaminess. ABV bings just a touch of heat on the throat. This has a really nice bite and bitterness to it for sure. Aftertaste is spicy and pine hops.

D: This is a tasty brew, but its not above and beyond or in the amazing category. Its good and at a good value. I would absolutely drink it again, but its not going to keep me up at night if this stuff isn't easy to find. Still a good beer but it needs some room for improvement in the aroma arena.

Price: $4.20 Served In: Bottle

Review by younger35 on 05/26/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
72 3 6 15 4 8 2010
Picked up a bomber of this on a whim after hearing a few good things about it. Drank from my Surly Surlyfest stein.

Appearance- Pours a crystal clear orange reddish with a nice dirty white one finger head that is bubbly and creamy. A beautiful cap and collar remains the entire beer along with a fair amount of random lacing.
Smell- Not the most potent nose in the world but a nice dirty hoppiness is apparent. Plenty of grass and pine with a sort of spicy herbal component. Definitely more of a European hop presence than anything fruity and American. Maybe a tinge of caramel and biscuit hiding in here somewhere.
Taste- Starts with a light malty sweetness that has a touch of crystal malts and a very light toast. A bit of fresh hoppy goodness that is somewhere between earthy and herbal and grassy and piney. A tinge of lemongrass and dandelion stem the beer isn’t very bitter but just fresh and nice. The finish is lightly sweet with a buttery bit of caramel.
Mouthfeel- SO creamy and smooth with some light tingly carbonation that is spot on.
Drinkability- Pretty damned tasty brew especially for a fresh hop that has been shipped halfway around the world. The beer is fairly well balanced and super easy drinking. This is the first Fresh Hop I’ve had from Sierra Nevada and it probably won’t be the last.

Price: $5.99 Served In: Pint Glass

Review by joe1510 on 02/20/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
76 3 8 15 4 8 2010
24oz Bottle
Route 6 Liquors

This beer is a beauty. Southern Harvest pours a fairly clear tarnished copper with an incredibly dense three finger off white head. Carbonation bubbles rise through the middle of the body to the craggy meringue like head. As the head falls at a snails pace it leaves excellent chunk lacing down the glass.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this new hop variety but what I got was good but a little more subdued then I was hoping for. A solid amount of resinous and sap combine with a slight earthy tone. There's actually a good deal of complexity from the hops alone. A touch of caramel maltiness and a bit of alcohol round things out. As this warms a little I can't help but notice some orange oils. Appetizing but a little more subdued then I would have liked.

The flavor follows what the aroma suggested, except there's a little pop. Spicy hoppiness right off the bat leads into a hint of orange and a bigger more pronounced spiciness through the finish. Not as much earthiness as the nose would lead me to believe but it's definitely there. There's even a tea leaf like quality floating through here and there. There's not a whole lot of malt present but what's there is biscuity and buttery.

The mouthfeel is right where it should be. Moderate body all the way through with a slight stick on the swallow. The carbonation is on the lower end of the spectrum and the bitterness grows with each sip.

Without a doubt an easy drinker. This bottle is disappearing very quickly and I wouldn't have a problem drinking another when this one bottoms out.

This is a good fresh hopped beer from Sierra Nevada. It's a treat to get a fresh hop beer in the spring like this. I wouldn't hesitate picking this one up again.

Reviewed: 5/31/08

Price: $3.49 Served In: Pint Glass

Review by mr. furley on 07/31/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 9 18 4 9 2009
probably not the freshest bottle but still quite good. very smooth, not aggressively hoppy, has a decent kick at 6.7% but not too strong. this is a beer i'd drink several of and would like to have around.

very solid offering. i'd give this one to someone who was trying to branch out from the "standard" beer.

Served In: Bottle

Review by Surly Duff on 08/12/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 10 17 4 8 2008
24oz bottle.

Pours nice slightly hazy deep golden copper color with a big thick foamy off-white head. The foam settles slowly and leaves thick and sticky lacing on the walls of the glass and mounts of foam. Lots of tiny bubbles constantly rise from the bottom of the glass.

Up front is a nice bitter hop aroma. Pine and grapefruit are most prominent here. Some lemon and more sticky pine bitterness. Bit of sweet malt and caramel come through but the hops overpower them for the most part.

Smooth malt body with a bit of caramel and a hint of toffee. Malt if quickly overtaken by the bitter hops. Lots of pine and some grapefruit. A bit sticky with a touch of lemon. Very easy drinkin' with great hop bitterness. Almost as enjoyable as Town Hall's Fresh Hop Ale.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by James Kitchens on 05/17/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 10 16 4 8 2008
Not totally sure about the color on this one, as I poured it into a "safe" coffee mug to drink outside with doing yard work. I did see a dark amber color at one point. So I'll take TT's word on the color. Seems it's darker that the other "Harvest" ales I've seen. Smell was darned good though. All hops, spices, and a slight whisp of malt. Taste was very good, albeit more balanced than I thought. What stood out first to me was the spiciness. But you got everything you expect in it -- malt, a slight slight bread/sweet taste and then the hops. The citrus tastes were obvious too. Feel was about expected as the taste lingered for a good while. Carbonation also settled down nicely and didn't affect the taste and feel.

Overall, I like this one. I picked it up randomly at the local Whole Foods, as I had not seen it before. But I'm glad I picked up two of them. If only to have at least one of the bottles in a proper glass instead of a plastic/metal "safety" coffee mug.

Served In: Other

Review by Tip Top on 05/10/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 9 16 4 8 2008
24oz bottle.

A - Nice clean amber colored body with bubbles lazily swirling to the surface. Thick, pillowy off white head is about one inch tall and made up of varying sized bubbles. Great retention and nice lacing.

S - Nice load of fresh sticky hops. Apparent bitterness. Biscuity, bready malts.

T - Wonderfully balanced. Starts off with some biscuity malt and just a touch of corn pop sweetness. Hops sort of slowly accelerate. They start off mild and fruity and grow slowly to a more assertive bitterness. Grapefruit and a touch of pine sap.

M - Medium bodied with slightly sticky hops. Carbonation is good.

Overall - Wonderfully balanced and very drinkable, but yet flavorful enough to keep you interested. I am a big fan of this one. Super sessionable.

Served In: Pint Glass

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