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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
87 88 86 5 12 0
Toronado 20th Anniversary by Russian River Brewing Company
Belgian Strong Pale Ale
10.43 % ABV

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Review by joe1510 on 11/03/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 2 11 18 4 9 0
Recieved in a trade with a most generous trader known as drawde from the other site. Thanks Colin. According to Russian River's bottle log this is "A blend of 5 different barrel aged ales to celebrate the great Toronado beer bars 20th Anniversary."

When this beer is not backlit it's a surprisingly dark, crimson. When backlit it glows bright ruby and you can see miniscule particles suspended throughout. Moderate carbonation bubbles rise from the middle of the glass to the surface keeping it strong. A three finger frothy white head formed on the pour and faded to a thick crown. As it faded it left sheet lacing in certain spots and chunk in others.

This beer has wonderful aromas of sweet and sour. There's a little funk up front and it develops into tart cherries, an earthy mustiness, and the oak glides throughout. Sometimes I find these barrel aged beers to be way over the top in the oakiness. This one is presented perfectly. The sweet makes me salivate while the sour makes me pucker. The oak brings the two together seamlessly. As this beer warms more there is a cornucopia of fruit involved. Tangerines, plum, and I believe thats some white peaches in there. As this beer warms the aroma becomes amazing.

Damn! This stuff is mouthwatering. The flavor is identical to the aroma with a perfect balance of juicy ripe fruit (but tart cherries), a smooth oakiness, and the perfect level of mouth puckering sourness. The thing that most impresses me about this beer is how perfectly blended the flavors are. The oak comes in just the right amount of intensity to compliment instead of overtake the other flavors. The sourness is lip puckering for sure but in no way interferes with the complexity or drinkability. This is an impressive blend of beer. I wish I knew what the combo was.

This beer weighs in at a hefty 10.43%abv and the body is incredibly light and airy. Extremely creamy and enjoyable with a puckeringly dry finish. Mouthfeel is similiar to that of champagne and I don't think it could fit this beer any better.

This beer is ultimately drinkable and the only reason it's not getting the perfect score for drinkability is the big abv. Somehow there isn't a hint of alcohol in the flavor of this beer.

This is some kind of honor for a bar to recieve a beer of this caliber for their anniversary. Incredible blend of beer with a great body, incredible flavor, and a perfect mouthfeel that all combine to make an exceptional sour ale.

Served In: Tulip

Review by seaoflament on 03/22/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 3 11 18 4 8 2009
*Uploading my old reviews, this one has a review date of: 1-15-08. If I can acquire the beer again I will re-review it*

On tap at O'Brien's 14th Anniversary Barrel-Aged beer night 1/15.

It is a dark ruby color with a half inch of foam. Very good retention.

Aroma of tart cherries, vinegar, strawberries, orange, peach, and fruit juice. There's also a few hints of caramel and red apples.

Taste of cherries, lots of tart cherreis upfront with some vinegar and some toasty malt in the background. A tart fruit salad; acidic pineapple and nectarine.

Very well carbonated and a little prickly on the tongue.

Sure was a delight to drink and I'm glad I was able to try this.

Served In: Goblet

Review by Tip Top on 05/13/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 3 10 18 4 9 2008
A - Pour produces a big, slightly soapy looking, slightly fizzy head that is sort of a toupe color. Pretty good retention here with some sticky lacing. Body is chestnut brown with a zillion microscopic bubbles rising to the surface. There is no way I have ever seen so many little bubbles in a beer.

S - big tart acidity all over the nose. Brett is here with a little bit of lime. Some sour cherries. Smells fantastic.

T - Whoa. Tartness starts this one off right away, but it starts sort of mild. Woody flavors going on in the front here. Then the sour and tart really starts to ramp up speed. Big lemony acidic flavors. Touch of orange. Finish is more sour and a touch of bitterness. Tangerine?

M - Medium bodied. Seems like all the big time carbonation fizzed out a bit as this isn't nearly as fizzy in the feel as expected.

Overall - I love this beer. Super sour and completely drinkable. How in the hell is this 10%?

Served In: Goblet

Review by Westside Threat on 03/07/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 2 10 18 4 9 2008
A: Thin white head hugs the glass. Saffron colored body with some haze.

S: Pungent oak, acetic acid, astringent lemon juice and limestone.

T: Begins with a solid oak taste. Not too overbearing or overpowering, just enough to create balance. Although sour, the spritzy and sugary lemon juice/vitamin C is the star of the show. Finishes oakey, little bitter and certainly sour.

M: Medium body, little bit of carbo sting.

D: Great balance and quite tasty. And it does NOT taste like its 10% alcohol.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by Kegergator on 01/28/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 10 17 5 8 2008
Murky medium dark amber color with a nice thick white head that leaves some nice lacing. Sour, yeasty nose to it. Taste is really sour, not as over the top as some others i've tried, but it is a sour for sure. The smoothness is what made this one so drinkable for me. Grapes are there with the sourness, add a little bit of sweet to it. The finish as great, really the smoothest sour i've had yet.

Price: $9.00 Served In: Other

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