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79 84 72 3 4 1

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Review by seaoflament on 11/23/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 9 17 3 9 2008
Big thanks to midaszero for the opportunity to try this beer.

Poured into my Lost Abbey stem glass. GUSHER! I was literally rushing to the sink. Calmed down about 5 minutes later and I was able to pour. A rosy pillow of foam fills about ¾ of the glass. Some soapy lacing sticks to the sides and a nice ring forms. The beer itself is a scarlet, opaque, hue. Would have given this beer a lower score due to the gushing but it sure looks pretty in the glass.

Smells very oaky with hints of vanilla, a handful of cherries, vinegar, and sweet malt in the background. Cider aromas, sour apples, pears, and a bit of grapes too. Nice combination of sweet and tart fruits. I’m also picking up some pineapple, kiwi, and nectarine. There’s also an element of powdered sugar on the front of the nose as well as dried fruits (apples and pineapple). It has an aroma that reminds me of a raspberry vinaigrette.

Sweet cherries and malt upfront with an oak and vanilla finish. The tart cherries also come through in the end. Lemony and tart finish. Raspberry and other berry flavors near the finish. Very clean finish, sparkly like champagne. Mmm, crispy green and fuji apples.

Very carbonated and almost fizzy on the palate, thin but very drinkable.
Thinner than other Flanders Reds.

I really enjoyed this one.

Served In: Other

Review by beastiefan2k on 11/17/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 10 16 4 9 2008
Big thanks to ThickFreakness. As I popped the cap I was very surprised to see the beer is filled almost all the way rim. The pour is again surprising because it comes out with a strong head that does not fade. It’s a pink-ish head that sits on a dark red colored body that has absolutely no clarity. The beer looks so thick with that body and so beautiful with the non-fading head. As I pour more the head grows and never subsides. One of the most beautiful beer I have ever seen. Aroma starts with a quick burst of sourness and brett cobwebs with a bretty sourness after that. Then comes a very fruity jam aroma, not just cherry but a mix of raspberries and other berries in a natural, prickly, farmers market, type of jam. With the first sip there is a nice cherry flavor, thick and natural. But right away comes a quick fizziness followed by a quick sharp burst of sourness. The sourness then relaxes into palate-spreading brettiness and finishes with a prickly sourness that sits in the back of the throat for a very long time. I am highly impressed with this offering, one of the most authentic American versions of lambic.

Served In: Flute Glass

Review by SAP on 10/18/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
72 3 8 13 4 8 2008
Sampled GABF 2008
Pours with a murky, cherry red color and only a touch of head. The aroma is lightly tart with an expressively fruity, tart-cherry note to it. The cherry actually dominates the aroma pretty well and, while a very nice cherry expression, does not allow a whole lot of other aromatic notes to be noticeable. I do like that this is more of a tart cherry focus, rather than a syrup-laden cherry character that can be found in many a beer with the name Kriek on the label.

This is only lightly tart and it still has a fair amount of sweetness to it (though it is not sticky sweet), which really accentuates and amplifies the cherry flavors. The sourness is has some light lactic notes to it, but also seems significantly contributed by the cherries themselves. It is light enough to be drinkable, but definitely has some texture and body to it. It is perhaps a bit sweeter than I prefer in a Kriek, though it doesn't have the cloying-sticky-sweetness of something like the New Glarus beer, and it could definitely use some a more aggressive sourness, but it is still quite drinkable and I was quite happy to sample this multiple times (though I always went for the NxNW sour first).

Served In: Tulip

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