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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
81 84 76 5 19 24
Imperial Stout Trooper by New England Brewing Co.
Russian Imperial Stout
9.20 % ABV

Review by Naproxen on 01/02/12  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 9 17 5 8 2006
**Old Review 8/20/07**

I was presented with a bottle this weekend, apparently this is no longer brewed and finding any stragglers is a task. Anywho, I was impressed right off the bat with the extreme blackness of this beer, even the milky head was the darkest brown ive seen. Absolutely delicious and dark, I almost felt like I was chewing at some points but I like that in an Imperial Stout. +10 points for the label.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by everetends on 06/24/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
84 3 9 17 5 8 2010
Old Review
12 oz bottle I received from the great BA and trader IBUnit63. This is one beer I have been looking forward to for a long time and he was nice enough to hold a bottle for me til we could build up enough ammo for our second trade. So here it is and I am all smiles. Served this one up in my Terrapin snifter.

A: I usually don't factor bottle art into appearance and I don't really have to. With that said, this is probably one of the coolest bottles I have ever seen with the great depiction of the Storm Trooper helmet. Beyond that, you have an incredibly solid RIS appearance. Really nice and glossy, rich black pour. Allows just a bit of light through at the edges, creating some nice and deep ruby red highlights. The really nice part is head. Its probably the darkest brown head that I have seen on a beer. It is beyond tan and mocha, just a straight up dark brown half finger. It has some lasting abiltity and does a great job of coating the glass with some thick lace. It would stick but the film the beer creates on the glass keeps in sliding back to the body.

S: Smell is very nice and pleasant with just enough punch to keep you interested. First thing out of the gate I get some pipe tobacco aroma. Its a nice fruity and rich tobacco aroma. Behind that you get some nice chocoalate notes, its a bit of some milk chocolate along with some semisweet darker chocolate. There is a nice nuttiness on the backend, maybe some hazelnut. It has that nutty aroma that packs a touch of sweetness. Finally, there is a nice dark cherry aroma to finish it off. I know the aroma really should get a higher score from my description, but the scent is a bit subdued and like I said it has just enough punch to keep you in. it could be a bit more powerful, but it is still good.

T: Taste is a lot like the nose in the respect that it has a lot going on but it is a bit subdued. Getting some nice chocolate flavors up front, a bit more of the dark variety in the flavor profile. Behind that is a bit of coffee, cream and sugar. Then we get some of tht nuttiness along with that tobacco presence. It absolutely is that pipe tobacco, rich with that nice cherry presence. The nuttiness may be more in line with some slightly roasted almonds rather than the hazelnut detected in the nose. There is a slight touch of wood in the backend that mingles with some earthy hop bitterness (oh so slight, but enough to cut down the sweetness).

M: Gotta go with a nice full body, but its not crazy chewy or thick. Just enough. The best part is how incredibly creamy this beer is. Its damn near velvety. Has that nice richness but still has an airy quality to it. Damn. Carbonation is low but just enough to add to that creamy ass feel. ABV is perfect, just enough for some heat but not out of hand. This beer is almost spot on in this category. Aftertaste is that light wood with a nice chocolate goodness.

D: I really struggled with whether or not this deserved a 5 in this category. As far as RIS's go, this is incredibly drinkable. I have to keep myself in check to not chug, gotta savor this one because it is the only on I have. Everything works in this beer. My only gripe is that the nose and flavor could be a bit more hefty and robust. It seems that this beer does just enough the flavor and aroma category, but it could be amazing. It has the canvas but broader strokes could have been used in the final painting. Still a great beer but it could be skyrocketed into the realm of amazing. Still a great experience.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 06-27-2009 06:07:40

Served In: Snifter

Review by joe1510 on 11/08/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 2 9 17 5 8 0
12oz Bottle

Recieved this RIS from scthaden, thanks again. Imperial Stout Trooper gurgles from the glass. This beer is black as a moonless night with zero highlights showing through. The head that forms is also extremely dark. So dark in fact it has that purplish hue to it you find in only the darkest stouts. The head leaves behind some decent patchy lacing on its way down. By the looks of this one it's going to have some intense flavors.

Aroma is strongly roasted malts from beginning to end. The smell is as intense as you would expect from the looks of things. After you get past the thick layer of heavily roasted grains. There's a lactic quality in there somewhere along with dark berries and bittersweet chocolate. Mainly blackberries. The depth and complexity of the roasted malt just completely saturates the air.

The heavily roasted malts absolutely blanket the tongue as soon as it hits. There's a quick flash of the dark berries and cream up front but silky smooth dark chocolate combines with the roastiness and creates a great layering of flavor. On the swallow, while the roastiness just starts to fade but the chocolate still stays strong, freshly ground coffee joins the chocolate to create a perfect finish. There's enough of a hop presence to let you know they're there and leave a good balancing bitterness. This is an excellent tasting stout.

The mouthfeel of this beer is sublime. Heavy bodied with a good chewiness. The body coats the tongue and lets the flavors linger long after the swallow. Finishes slightly gritty. Perfectly rich luscious mouthfeel.

This beer is without a doubt a sipper but it's something that could easily be sipped all night long. If you have a cold Winter's night like tonight this beer is a sheer enjoyment to drink.

I've had my eye on an Imperial Stout Trooper for awhile now and I'm glad i finally got one. This is a RIS to seek out. Trade, hitch a ride, take a bus, do whatever it takes to get your hands on one. It's top notch.

Reviewed: 12/8/07

Served In: Bottle

Review by seaoflament on 03/19/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
78 3 11 15 3 7 2007
I think it’s about time I open this bottle. This is a 2007 release, courtesy of Photekut, thanks for the trade!

Impenetrable darkness! A huge, cocoa colored, 3 finger layer of foam, trickling down slowly. Great retention.

Coffee, raisins, a mixture of dark fruits, semi-sweet chocolate, roasted malts, intense toast aroma, brown sugar, light molasses, and hints of vanilla wafers. Earthy hoppiness in the background. Chocolate covered nuts. A little peanut in the background. Hints of maple syrup. The aroma is good to very good.

Roasted barley and toasted malts upfront with a dry cocoa finish. Starts off a bit too thin but the finish and aftertaste is quite nice. Not as big bodied as the aroma would lead to believe. Some raisin and chocolate in the finish. Dry and slightly bitter roasted barley in the end. Good, but not as complex as I thought it would be.

Medium carbonation, feels thin at first but the carbonation rescues the beer in the finish.

Served In: Bottle

Review by Westside Threat on 01/13/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
76 2 10 16 4 6 0
A: Pours a medium viscosity, very dark brown body with an average sized cappuccino colored head which drops fast.

S: Rich chocolate notes on the nose. Smells very smooth, not a lot of roasted characteristics. Some latte aromas, some toasted almond and dry aspects in the highs.

T: Begins creamy with lots of lactose and chocolate milkshake aspects. Little bit of oily qualities with black licorice, treacle and a small kick of burnt brown sugar. Roasted coffee slowly pulls in… very slowly at first but the roastedness picks up speed soon enough. The roasted barley begins to billow in the palate with a touch of hop pine hits. Finishes somewhat alcoholic with standard roasted barley and some milk chocolate.

M: Medium body with a soft and oily mouthfeel.

D: Good beer but it lacks any qualities that differentiate it from the pack. There are hundreds of imperial stouts that taste just like this.

Served In: Tulip

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