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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
82 98 66 10 26 19

Review by Lum on 10/06/12  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
66 3 9 11 3 7 2010
Been some time since I have had one. First pour out of the bottle displays a crystal clear golden color with a monsterous (fitting) bleached ivory cap. Aroma is full-on citrus hoppy goodness - notes of tangerine, lemon and pink grapefruit. There are notes of other fruits as well - green apple and apricote jump at me first, followed by pears and pineapple. Sugary. Lightly dusted with a coating of funk. Fantastic.
Now I remember why I haven't had this in a while... the taste doesn't live up to the nose. Good dose of bittering hops, slightly sugary, earthy and slightly bready. All tastes are muted and muddled - not much balance to this one. Funk is there, but lost in translation.
Carbonation is off as well - too bold on the tongue, lacks that "zesty" tingle. Fair amount of dryness to wrap it up.

Aroma is to die for... the rest is below average.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by everetends on 06/06/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 10 17 4 9 2010
Had this lovely little beer on tap at The J. Clyde. Served up in a tulip. I think it ran me about $6 for the glass.

A: Hits the table as a golden yellow in color with a little bit orange hue to it as well. Held to the light, absolutely yellow in color with a very nice haze to the body. Carbonation appears to be nice and big, feeding that huge two fingers of head in the glass. The head is foamy at first, but settles into a slightly thicker and creamier top cap that lasts throughout. Good amount of lacing on the glass.

S: Aromas start off with some nice fruity characters. Getting some green apple and a good amount of pear as well. There is a very light citrus presence as well as pretty beautiful floral note as well. Behind that I am getting the funky yeast characters, that come across as a little tart and a little earthy. Overall, this smells nice and light.

T: Really digging on this. Beautiful and delicate light flavors. Lightly tart green apples and pear comes out first and abduntantly. Behind that is some nice spice in the form of super light pepper and clove. Citrus and floral make their presence known as well. The malts are light but present, adding just a touch of sweetness. The yeast comes across as slightly earthy, a bit of mustiness, and I imagine it is responsible for the tart elements. When all of these flavors come together, getting some nice notes of dry white wine at times. Fantastic.

M: Nice and light body to this beer that is aided along by a carbonation that is a little on the higher side. This beer is incredibly and wonderfully dry, but it is still refreshing on the palate. No alcohol to speak of or worry about. Aftertaste is all pear and that dry white wine presence.

D: I could easily put this down all day. Its so tasty, dry, and light that it is easy to kill the glass in just a couple of gulps. I easily ordered a second glass because it was just the perfect match to the hot summer weather. Just a great beer and a lovely Saison. Quickly becoming my favorite beer of this summer.

Served In: Tulip

Review by joe1510 on 12/08/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
86 3 11 16 4 9 2009
12oz. Bottle
$11.49 6-Pack

Bam Biere poured a very hazy golden. There was a 2+ finger white frothy head upon the pour that turned chunky and rocky after falling to 1 finger. Fast rising carbonation bubbles rise all over the sides and, I'm guessing, in the middle. The haze makes it tough to tell.

I really like the smell of this one. It's different from saisons I've had in the past. Fresh tart green apples are the first thing that comes about. It's followed by an interesting burst of wildflowers. There is also that smell of straw and horse blanket that is found in other saisons. The yeast spiciness isn't as bold as in other versions.

There is more of the spicy yeast in the flavor. That's the first thing I taste actually. Mid-palate the wildflowers and straw come through. Along with a touch of clove. It's a very soft flavor. The finish is earthy and damp. Unfortuanately it finishes a little weak. As it warms there is a slight pepper spiciness in the finish.

Mouthfeel is good. Prickly carbonation but not overdone. The carbonation makes the body feel lighter than it actually is. Keeps it moving quickly throuh and getting the flavors in quickly before the next takes over.

I can easily sit here and drink a few of these. If it's hot outside or paired with the right meal I could easily drink these one on top of the other. The alcohol keeps it an easy drinker.

Bam Biere is a good quality brew from Jolly Pumpkin. The beers I have tried from them have all been good and interesting. This one follows suit. Give it a try with a chicken or turkey breast.

Reviewed: 12/18/06

Price: $11.49 Served In: Tulip

Review by SAP on 09/07/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
98 3 12 20 4 10 2009
12-oz bottle, Sampled February 2006
Pours an incredibly hazy, orangish-yellow color. It is well carbonated, which produces a pale tan colored, frothy, fairly dense, almost meringue like head that leaves a coat of lacing on the sides as I work my way through this beer. Ah, the aroma is exactly what I hoped; lightly tart, with a bit of lemon, plus a solid funkiness that reminds me a bit of damp (perhaps even slightly moldy) cotton, and a slight farmhouse cheese note. There is also a real nice floral aspect to the aroma, which makes me think of a field of fragrant wildflowers. As I delve more into this, some spicy character begins to become noticeable; I get notes of white pepper, some definite orange peel, a hint of spicy ginger. The aroma on this beer is really nice, incredibly complex and definitely wild with funky aromatic notes that make this outstanding.

The taste is light up front, with a hint of sweetness in this pretty much bone dry beer. As the beer passes through it starts to pick up that funkiness that was found in the nose; I would describe it as a lightly astringent, with a solid funky brett-like note of musty blankets, which carries through to a long finish. There is also a really nice light acidic tartness to this beer that has note of soft lemon and a bit of Curacao orange flesh to it as well.

The aroma is definitely the best aspect of this beer, everything else is world class as well though. I have really become a sucker for these low alcohol, yeast & wee-beastie flavor driven profiles. They are so refreshing, yet fully complex and interesting.

Served In: Tulip

Review by tavernjef on 08/15/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
80 3 10 15 4 8 2009
A brightly smushed and super hazed lemon gold thats a wonderful color not seen very often. A bit like lemon meringue filling lit from within. Up to bright light, its just awesome to watch the fevered carbonation turn and churn as its highlights are bright yet jello-ed in cast of a unique translucent quality. A tall one inch plus cap sits forever and a day with a white blanket of thick fluffed bubbly froth. It hardly ever moves. It slowly fades down to keep a plump half inch always present and the lacing completely covers the glass in a curtain of stained, tiny bubbles. The pinnacle of an exceptionally beautiful appearance for any beer. I almost don't want to drink it.

Also, once poured, besides the lovely appearance, the aroma nearly bust out of the bottle to make its way in filling the surrounding air with a magnificant odor of drying citrus peels. Upon closer inspection the nose mandates itself into a relam of heavily floured breads and a yeasty dryness. Quite dry overall. But this all about the lemon peel and pithy parchness with some lime and mandorine orange peels adding a bit of extra complexity.

Taste is mostly gathering in dryness of some of that farmhouse yeast and floured breads. Not too much beyond that really. The aromatic citruc is all but flights of fancy here. Hard to pin down the actual flavors but its a dry woody, musty, fairly parching taste with a slight chalky residue sticking around into the finish. Gains a very slight sweetness in a hint to malts as it warms up some. Not all that tasty really. A bit disappointing after the lead ins.

Feel is active and dry with a solid medium body and lots of carbonation grab and tone to it. Stays subtle and dry with a quick ride through and not much finish. Only a very late return within some tiny warmth is some citrusy sweetness with hints to the lemon and orange. Stays a little too dry for my tastes.

A run of the mill Saison in taste and feel, but the appearance and aroma had me excited...until I started drinking it of course.

Served In: Goblet

Review by seaoflament on 03/12/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
74 3 9 15 3 7 2009
*Uploading my old reviews, this one has a review date of: 8-3-07. If I can acquire the beer again I will re-review it*

My first Jolly Pumpkin beer. Poured it into my Duvel tulip glass and has lots of action which results in a thick, pearl white, two fingers worth of head which lasts for a few minutes and then reduces to about half.

The color is a pale, slightly cloudy, yellow. The aroma is very yeasty, slightly spicy, and I think I can see what people are talking about with that “funk” aroma. It has a leathery aroma, it reminds me of something but I can’t quite remember what. As the beer warms a bit there is the malt sweetness which pushes forward, as well as an assortment of dried fruits.

I put my lips on the rim of the glass and as soon as the beer touches the tip of my tongue astringent and sour notes are first detected. Lemon and sour green apple comes to my mind as I keep sipping. To me it tastes like a funky Belgian pale ale. The finish is nice and dry, and the mouthfeel is a bit average but interesting.

Drinkability is good, the alcohol content is quite low, but I don’t feel like my taste buds can handle more than one funky brew in a sitting.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by Phish on 12/02/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 3 10 18 5 8 2008
Pours hazy gold in color. There is a very nice quarter inch of frothy head that lasts the entire duration. Smell is sour and funky. Taste is more of the sour and funk. There is a bit of a bitterness and a bit of a "pickle" flavor as well. Plenty of good carbonation that fits perfectly. When this was available in six packs this was a constant staple in the fridge. Great beer!

Served In: Goblet

Review by KAF on 12/02/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 10 17 3 8 2008
Golden light orange in color. Citrus-like aroma. Not overly sour with an orange peel and lemony flavor.

Served In: Tulip

Review by Tip Top on 01/01/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 10 16 4 8 2008
Enjoyed at The Happy Gnome on cask 08/16

A - Served in a tulip glass. Orange/apricot colored body with a big time haze to it. Very little head to it, with only a ring around the glass.

S - Big time brett funk. Lemon twang. Yogurt with a bit of vanilla and peach. Slightly earthy.

T Starts right off with the brett funk. Barnyard flavors mixed with peach yogurt. Big sour flavor comes on with a lemony twang.

M - Light bodied with very low carbonation.

D - Very nice mix of funk and brett. Like a wild saison. Wish I had this before from the bottle so I could compare.

Served In: Tulip

Review by Kegergator on 11/21/07  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
74 3 8 16 3 7 0
Pours pretty light/golden, and form into a white head. Smell is sour fruits. Taste is sour up front and prickly, but very smooth on the finish and make it very drinkable.

Served In: Pint Glass

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