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Average Review High Score Low Score Reviews Tried Consumed
95 100 92 3 40 65
Le Bleu by Ithaca Beer Company
Sour Ale
5.00 % ABV

Latest news for Le Bleu
Press Release: Ithaca Beer Co. Announces Official Excelsior! LeBleu Release Date
Ithaca's Le Bleu Update
Review by everetends on 06/26/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 10 19 5 9 0
Gotta give some love to Lumdog for hooking me up with this bottle. What a giving soul he be. Batch E!02I served up in a tulip.

A: Popping this bottle with the cork screw was a chore. You could feel how much pressure was in the bottle when taking it off. Once safely uncorked, large pop with streaming gun smoke pouring from the bottle (no gushing though). Poured into the glass, it pours a rosey, blush colored liquid. Held to the light, the blush lightens a bit and a little bit of orange hues come through. Body is nice and cloudy. Got about a finger of head off the pour. The foam is a light pink in clor and falls very slowly. The bubbly foam falls to a half finger and lasts out the rest of the experience. A little bit of lace builds every once in a while. Very nice.

S: The smell of this one hits you immediately as the cork comes off. Smells a hell of a lot like Brute to tell the truth. Lots of barnyard and musky funk. Really nice tartness coming out from a seemingly berry presence. The crazy thing is that it sets itself apart from the blueberry notes. The blueberry comes across as more a sweet aroma in this nose. The blueberry is not the showstopper here, but it is a beautiful compliment. Works wonderfully.

T: Yet again, starting off with that wonderful Brett funky awesomeness. Wonderfully tart but still has some serious funkiness to it as well. Little bit of sour apple and some nice vinegar note coming out (probably best described as a little apple cider vinegar). This beer has a little bit of grassiness to it as well. The blueberry notes are light, a little sweet and a little tart. Blueberry comes on the back end and rounds out the beer by bringing out a fully distinguishable fruit flavor.

M: Feel is on the lighter side with a big ass carbonation. Makes the beer very light and fluffy. Alcohol is not a factor here. Nice dry champagne like finish. Tart with just a little bit of sweetness of the palate. Aftertaste is the tart vinegar and a little bit of blueberry.

OA: Has a lot of the great qualities of Brute but it does have a few wonderful and subtle changes. The blueberry is not a crazy aggressive ingredient but it compliments almost every aspect of the beer. Just wonderful. Its tart but it doesn't kill the palate and remains very drinkable. Really a beautiful beer indeed. Loving it.

Served In: Pint Glass

Review by howardf on 01/16/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
100 3 12 20 5 10 2009
Huge thanks to Lum for securing this for me. Batch #: E!02I.

Pours a murky, dirty red color, with a two finger tall fluffy pink head, that falls to a tight cap, but never disappears and leaves a hefty amount of lace in its wake. There's a steady flow of small bubbles working up throughout the glass.

The smell on this beer is a thing of beauty. There's a great musty funk, tart berries, and a little bit of sweetness in there too. My sense of smell sucks, so I'm sure I'm missing tons.

The flavor can be summed up as amazing. Sour funk leads the way, followed with a light hit of bready malt, and subtle berry flavor. There's a tart funk that lingers long after each sip that begs you to take another. Again, I can't do the complexity justice, it has to be experienced. The carbonation is high, but it's perfect with the light body.

I feel like a scumbag giving a rare beer a perfect score, but it's completely justified. I wouldn't change a thing on this one, so it's earned it.

Price: $15.00 Served In: Tulip

Review by Naproxen on 01/03/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
94 3 11 19 5 9 2009
Made the snowy trek on New Years Eve from Syracuse to Ithaca with BeerTruth for this much anticipated release. The sample we had at the brewery barely held me over until this morning's Le Bleu and blueberry pancakes breakfast :)

If a beer can be pretty, this one is the princess barbie of beer in my Ithaca Excelsior! tulip. The thick, very pale pink head stays in a meringue like state for a good 3 minutes before reducing to a heavily laced glass and a thin but persistent layer of froth. The color itself is medium reddish/purple pink, hinting at hues of slight amber, hazy body. It kind of reminds me of a thinned out raspberry jam.

Le Bleu reminded of me of Brute at first inhale, but I like the nose on this much more. The blueberry is very well hidden in the nose, I think it adds more of a balance and sweetness that stands it apart from brute. These blueberries come out much more in the taste, but again not trying to win over all the other flavors that are here as well. It starts out sweet and blueberry, turning right into a pleasant sourness with a hint of vinegar, and a dry finish and slight sour puckering. I actually think I am getting more blueberry now in the aftertaste which is a lovely departing gift. There is no question as to the drinkability on this one, at 5% it is crisp and refreshing.

I enjoy the addition of fruits to sours/wilds. In more cases than not, the fruits work well to balance out some of the more extreme flavors that the wild yeasts produce. Le Bleu is an excellent example of this. The blueberries never jump out and scream "taste only me", opting instead to bring all the flavors together. Le Bleu is drinking amazing right now in its youth, I look forward to seeing what age evolves this into.

Price: $15.00 Served In: Tulip

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