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90 96 82 4 40 59
Brute by Ithaca Beer Company
Sour Ale
7.00 % ABV

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Ithaca's Brute Release Party
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Review by everetends on 06/12/10  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
96 3 12 18 5 10 2010
Old Review
750ml bottle sent to me by the great Lum. I have heard him and the rest of the LNBA crew that have enjoyed this pimp the hell out of it, and I am stoked to have the chance. Served up in a tulip. Batch # E!010

A: First off this beer is capped and corked. Once you uncork this fool, you get a huge pop. Have to be careful when you pour this sweetheart because she foams easily. Slow pour got me a huge white, foamy head. Head has decent retention and doesn't really ever go away, only falling to a completely solid top cap that produces some spotty lacing. The body is a really pretty hazy, sunny yellow color that shine brighter when held to the light. Lots of carbonation steadily streams from the bottom of the glass. Really pretty beer.

S: My goodness does this lady wear a fine perfume. As soon as you pop that cork, a massive amount of aroma fills the area and really gives you a treat. There is first a foremost a really dank ass musty, musky scent coming out. Then comes all that sweet ass and sour ass fruity goodness. Sour, sweet and tart fruits. Green apple, grape, melon, pear, lemon, orange. All of these are in here. There is a slight and sweet vinegar smell coming out as well. Then, comes a bit of wood (oak) and earthiness (a barn full of hay). This is just great.

T: Man is this a tart and tasty little lady. The fruits take center stage, no teasing whatsoever, just full on entertainment. The sweet and sour green apple. Sweet melon, zesty lemon, sugary and tart pear. Grapefruit pucker. Grapes all over this with a nice white wine tartness. Stupid amount of fruit goodness. There is an apple cider vinegar presence that is slightly vinegary but still adds to the fruity sweetness in here. The barnyard funk is here as well with some dirty hay and a touch of salty leather. It can't get much better than this. I would give it a 5 but my experience with Wild Ales is minimal, so I will give the others the benefit of the doubt but I don't think it can get any better.

M: This is a medium bodied brew that has just a high carbonation crispness that doesn't stop. The beer is just so damned light and bubbly on the palate and tingles on the way down. ABV is low and doesn't even play a factor in here. The beer is very light on the palate and doesn't linger too long but doesn't leave too early. All those fruits come out in the aftertaste and allow you to thoroughly explore this crazy good beer.

D: This beer is amazing. Hands down, amazing. This beer is an incredible achievement and it is successful in all categories. This beer is just so complex, yet easy to drink and enjoy. This is one of those beers you pop for nonbelievers, serve up in wine glasses, let them enjoy, and then BAM, "Thats a beer, bitches!". No one will believe you. Just a powerful and beautiful brew that goes down so easy I had to keep myself in check and from gulping this down. This 750 will be savored and then mourned once it is killed. I envy those in and near Ithaca. Thanks, Paul.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 02-18-2009 05:36:28

Served In: Tulip

Review by Lum on 11/04/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
92 3 10 18 5 10 0
Been looking forward to this for some time now...
Batch #010

Poured into an Excelsior! tulip.

Pours a cloudy, bright and vivid golden color. Absolutely gorgeous finely-bubbled white head, two fingers in height, that rapidly subsides to a thin cap that is forever replenished by the very active carbonation. Some spotty lacing here and there...

Aroma is sweet, floral and fruity - vinous - very similar to perhaps, a Riesling. Wheat and a honey sweetness come through nicely, followed by that yeast funk... ohhhh yeeeaaaah.

At first sip, I get wheat with that honey sweetness intertwined. This is strongly followed up by a nicely balancing, under-ripened, green apple/grape sourness (it's right about here that I begin to become euphoric). Other fruity notes here - pear, peach, lemon and perhaps even pineapple - all subtle and sour in taste, but equally delicious.
The crowning moment - the funk. Very impressive, not overly pungent, and lightly mousy. And it is with that funky-ness that all these notes combine and drift through the finish... The sour slipping away and that wild yeast funk lingering on the tongue - my palate is swimming in heavenly bliss...

Light in body, smooth, dry, pillowy yet lively mouthfeel. Carbonation is phenomenal - Champagne? Oh yeah babe.

Not surprisingly, I love this. My hat is off to everyone at IBC - this is truly a defining moment. Sour, funky... this one has it, and it is so well balanced... This Wild Ale is too easy to drink, so enjoyable, so well crafted - it's sinful.
250 cases - get to IBC, grab one to enjoy now, and put a couple away to age - this one is going to only get better...
Do what it takes to get you some - Today.

Batch E!018
A:3 S:10 T:19 MF:5 OI:10
The alien technology yellow "cork" is removed with a good *pop*. Pouring into my Excelsior1 tulip, this batch of Brute is just gorgeous. Hazy enough to not be able to distinguish the etching on the opposite side of the glass, this pale-golden elixir is just a thing of beauty to behold - think a golden sunrise sky on a crisp autumn morning... OK, enough of that crap. The color is amazing however, as well as the three fingers of sun-bleached white head that gathers it's full momentum to reach it's apex a matter of a good 3/8 inch above the rim of the glass - only to immediately begin to recede. But what is left is magic. Frothy, meringue like in body, intensely tiny bubbled cap remains, fed by champagne streamers rising within... damn.

I could smell this as soon as I pulled that alien proboscis out - a quick punch to the beak of golden fruits - pears, green sweet apple and a good amount of tart green grapes. A twist of lemon for acidity... Sweet Jesus. Once held to the nose (!), the dusty aroma of attic and barnyard grips the nostrils with enough pungency to to make the mouth begin to salivate, and nipples begin to harden. A touch of grain resides deep within this bottle, lending a certain sense of depth and complexity to the whole experience. The aroma of wet hardwood just lingers in the nose.
Moving on...

Words are failing me now... it is difficult to see now due to the tears of joy welling within my eyes (corny? yes. True? yes). Compared to batch #1 of Brute - THIS IS MORE SOUR. Not Cantillon sour, mind you, but sour. Everything the nose promised comes to fruition in the taste, more of the golden fruit, more of the dusty, musty barnyard, more of the fields of grains - all tied together with purpose, depth and clarity, yet each element stands on it's own while adding to and complimenting the next... This is damn close to perfection. Perhaps just a touch sweeter with a hint more funk as well when compared to the first batch. Love the oak tannins at work here.

The mouthfeel is clearly spectacular. Fairly light, supremely airy, brisk, crisp and smooth. Acidic - teeth scrubbingly so (which I love and expect). The finish is Sahara dry - you feel it in the back of the throat. The carbonation is... fantastic. So light, yet brisk and lifting.. amazing.

I have to hand it to the crew at IBC - they know a good thing when they see it, and didn't mess with it too much. What they did tweak they did, at least in my opinion - perfectly. More sourness along with just a slight increase in sweetness and funk... all while retaining what makes Brute so phenomenal - the ease of drinking - this thing won't tear up the tongue by the end of the bottle - oh no.
It leaves you begging for more.

Price: $14.99 Served In: Tulip

Review by joe1510 on 11/04/09  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
88 2 10 18 5 9 0
Batch# E!010

Thanks goes out to Lum for this beauty, good choice! The 750 fills my glass with a hazy apricot liquid with carbonation shooting from every surface of the glass. There's enough haze to keep me from seeing through the body but the carbonation is highly visible. The head rose so quickly I had to slow the pour to a trickle. The fizzy white head eventually settles to a thick cap, which sticks around forever, and leaves strands of lacing in its wake.

Mustiness jumps out of the glass right away and dusts all the other aromas. A field of wildflowers, cobwebs and the faintest touch of damp wood make up the funkiness in the nose while fruitiness makes up the sweeter side. Muscat grapes leap from the glass and combine with musty peaches and apricots to form a pleasant yet mild sweet component that play off the funkiness. The apricots step forward as this beer warms. I could keep my nose in this glass all night long, it smells that good but now it's time to start drinking.

I'm happy to say the nose lead me in the right direction. Slightly sweet over ripe fruit snaps across the taste buds the second this beer hits the tip of my tongue. A slight pucker comes around mid palate with hints of tart grapes, unripe peaches, and unripe apricots. The mustiness pokes its head up here and there but manages to stay toward the back. The sweet and sour play off each other perfectly, switching from one to the other multiple times throughout each drink. One thing that is constant is the sourness on the finish, there's just enough there to feel it on my cheeks and sides of my tongue. Brute has a great depth of flavor.

The mouthfeel is right where it should be. The body has a moderate consistency but the crisp carbonation keeps the body snapping across the tongue and creates the feel of lighter bodied ale. The sourness invades the back of the tongue briefly to create a pucker and disappears just as quickly. After the swallow this beer dries you out and leaves me wanting more.

The drinkability is off the charts. The sweet and sour along with the dryness keep this beer flowing until the bottle is empty and then leaves me wishing there was more.

I've become a big fan of Ithaca and this beer puts them over the top. Nicely soured with enough sweetness to work off each other. Thanks for the bottle Paul, this stuff is delicious!

Reviewed: 9/28/08

Served In: Tulip

Review by SAP on 09/07/08  
Score Appearance Smell Taste Mouthfeel Overall Impression Year
82 3 10 15 5 8 2008
This beer easily produces a three-finger thick, pale, cream colored head in my 25cl tulip. The beer is a murky, pale amber color that shows an almost completely opaque, yellow, straw color when held up to the light. The aroma is pleasingly tart but with a slightly sweet, fruity, white wine grape like aroma. There is an interesting note that is sort of a cross between musk melon, honeydew and the sweat from someone who drank too much wine the night before. Fruit aromas of Muscat grapes, a musky tropical fruit, some tart / sweet apple and a touch of star fruit are all found in the aroma too. I like how the funkiness has taken a turn that I have never quite experienced in a beer before, the Brett is much more sweaty, but in a clean non-barnyard way, than usual.

Wow, much more dry and tart than I was expecting; with all of the fruit notes in the aroma I expected there to be a fair amount of sweetness left in this beer, but there is none at all. While bone dry this still has a nice, creamy body to it that is also note hindered by the fizzy carbonation that causes the beer to foam up as it rolls across the tongue. The texture of this beer is quite exquisite. The oak character here is quite soft and subtle; actually it is most noticed by it effect on the texture of this beer. There is a touch of oak-spiciness towards the finish as well as a slight woody oak note.

My second pour of this has me noticing a spicy oak component in the aroma that I did not pull out the first time around. Flavors of Lactic acid define the sourness in this brew, which, along with the oak really makes this seem like a dry, tart, oaked white wine. While in many ways this is much like a Lambic, it has a much softer feel to it somehow. Certainly the acidity is not approaching the levels of a hard Lambic and the funkiness is actually quite subtle (apart from the sourness). This does have a touch of the sweatiness that was noticeable in the aroma, as well as a touch of mustiness to it. As the beer warms up it picks up just a hint of sweetness, which does a good job of accentuating a nice white wine grape fruitiness.

A tasty beer, though it could use a boost in complexity (more funk would certainly suit me right). The aroma definitely is quite a bit more complex than the flavor, it promises ample funk and a substantial fruitiness that the flavor just doesn't quite deliver upon. Still this is quite enjoyable and it is quite easy for me to finish off this 750ml bottle.

Served In: Pint Glass

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